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Epson VS350W 3LCD Projector - Review Summary

Posted on October 4, 2013 by Art Feierman

Epson VS350W Projector: Bottom Line

The Epson VS350W has a lot to offer the presenter who needs a very bright projector at a low price. Quick to set up, plug-and-play capabilities via USB and instant off makes a spot-of-the-moment presentation a reality. The VS350W includes the traditional Epson good color balance in any mode, the ability to provide a sharp image with any resolution and is compact and lightweight. It also does all of this with a higher lumen output than the competition in this price range. While it is lacking in connection options and has no networking capability, both of these deficiencies are not likely to matter to its target market.

As with some of our past-reviewed Epson projectors, the good color balance in even the brightest display mode makes using that mode a viable option, even for photo or other presentations that require more accurate color than mainly text-based presentations. The high brightness also allows for projection onto a screen size of 150", making it viable for use in larger venues than the typical conference room or classroom. While detail at such a screen size would be only average, those requiring finer details (like CAD presentations) would likely be considering a much more expensive projector than the VS350W. For permanent installation, the VS350W has mounting screw holes for ceiling mounting, while retaining easy access to the lamp and air filter.

The last Epson we reviewed that was similar in style to the VS350W was the 96W. The 96W had 1000 fewer lumens for about the same price ($50 less), but did have an HDMI input and networking capability. So, the VS350W gives the presenter a choice between connection flexibility and light output, all at a sub-$1000 price. At the time of this review, I believe the VS350W is the highest rated lumen output WXGA projector under $1000, as almost all of the competition is rated at 3000 lumens. When you combine that fact with its excellent picture quality, the Epson VS350W deserves serious consideration from anyone looking for high brightness at an affordable price.

Epson VS350W Projector: Pros

  • Very good brightness – over 3000 measured lumens
  • Good readability with any resolution
  • Very good color rendition in any mode
  • Excellent support via Road Service program and PrivateLine tech support
  • Quick power up and can be unplugged immediately after powered down
  • Remote can be used as a wireless mouse
  • On board interactive help
  • Ability to present from a computer via USB

Epson VS350W Projector: Cons

  • No digital input
  • No networking capability
  • No PC-free presentation capability
  • Has dust filter that must be maintained
  • Somewhat noisy

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