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MovieMate 72 Home Entertainment Projector System Review - Image Quality2

Posted on October 5, 2013 by Art Feierman

MovieMate 72 Shadow Details

Click image to enlarge, Much better here, the MovieMate handles shadow details very well. It's one of those projectors that through gamma and other settings pulls out a lot of dark detail, despite the inability to produce the blackest blacks.

The first image, when you click on the thumbnail image, is a cropped and brightened lower right side of the scene. The Epson brings out details in and below the mountains, as well as in the buildings and in the front. It is also showing some subtle colors, that some projectors miss.

Click Image to Enlarge

Click image to enlarge, The MovieMate does very well.

From Space Cowboys, this image of Clint is in a very dark room only illuminated by a down facing table lamp. This is a good image, as you can see that the Epson (upper image) does reveal good details in the window blinds in the back. At the same time, the image is intentionally overexposed, but not greatly, yet the "blacks" are definitely not an extremely dark gray. Now, just for fun, the lower image is the same scene taken using the Sony VW60 projector, a $5000 projector, and one of the two best I've reviewed in black levels. You'll see easily the improvement in the black levels yet from a detail standpoint it almost seems the MovieMate shows more, but it is a bit more overexposed as well.

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Epson MovieMate Comparison






And, I had mentioned earlier how the lack of really dark blacks affects the depth and "pop" of the content. I think this gives you an idea of the difference between pretty good entry level.

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