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MovieMate 72 Home Entertainment Projector System Review - Image Quality3

Posted on October 5, 2013 by Art Feierman

Click to enlarge the thumbnail image for an overexposed version, and look for the details on the right side. This image is found on most recent reviews:


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Click to enlarge.This cropped image is very bright on the right and dark on the left. By overexposing my photo of the scene, I can get the camera to display the shadow details, that the projector shows naturally, but the camera, at a normal exposure, loses.
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Epson MovieMate Comparison





Casino Royale and which I badly overexposed to reveal the details in the roof. Many projectors lose all detail in the roof, rendering it essentially invisible. The Epson does a very good job. For comparison the image below it is from the Sony VW60, the last review, and one of the best projectors on the market. (The Sony is the first projector I used this scene with, so it's the only one I have for comparison.) Sadly, the Sony image is less overexposed, but a close look shows that both have about the same level of detail.

Epson MovieMate 72 Home Theater Projector: Sharpness

The MovieMate 72 is a nice, sharp projector. The two images shown here are to demonstrate the full capability of the projector. For that reason, I've selected two Blu-ray disc images. Obviously a standard DVD will not appear as sharp. This way you know that the sharpness is well beyond what a DVD can deliver. Later you'll also see photos from HDTV sources.


Epson MovieMate 72 Comparsion

Panasonic PT-AX200U







Our first image is a closeup of the thumbnail image showing the Blu-ray logo. The one on the left is the Epson, the one on the right, the best selling $1299 Panasonic PT-AX200U, which is also a 720p resolution LCD projector.

Epson MovieMate 72 Comparsion

Panasonic PT-AX200U
Optoma HD70

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