The Laser Projector Revolution is Upon Us – And Epson is Leading the Charge

Posted on April 19, 2019 by Art Feierman

In a World of Mostly Lamp Based Projectors – Epson’s laser projectors have taken the world by storm!

I’m not sure if 2017, 2018, 2019, or 2020 is the Year of the Laser Projector. An argument can be made for each.  Let’s just say that 2017 was perhaps the first year of “the affordable laser projector”, with strong entries from many players.  

30,000 lumen projector
Epson's commercial lasers come in all sizes, and up to 30,000 lumens.

2019 however, may well be a transition year where there is a huge increase in laser projector models, and sales, especially into the higher education and business, and specialty market segments.

Over the past two years or so, Epson has definitely been one of the leaders in laser projectors. Epson is the number 1 selling projector manufacturer worldwide (if you don’t count those tiny, dim, toyish pico/pocket projectors).  They are serious: Their website sports – ready for this: 30 laser projectors. Epson’s lineup starts today at $1999 list price for the L500W and that’s a dazzling 5000 lumens with WXGA resolution.

Of course, there are too many to discuss here, but I’ve decided to highlight a few to give you a “taste” of their capabilities and applications they are suited for.   As a result, here we’ll touch on “affordable” laser projectors, two interactive UST laser projectors and a couple of bigger, meaner, nastier models suitable for a wide range of large, and larger venues!  And we’ve got a couple of links for you, to help in your hunt for additional info.

Right off, as it turns out, our recently published annual Best Education Projectors report, served up two major Best in Classroom awards to affordable Epson laser projectors suitable from medium-sized classrooms to university lecture halls, and small auditoriums.  Meet the 4500 lumen WUXGA L400 – winner of our Higher Education: Best Price/Performance – or, if you need more horsepower, but merely WXGA resolution, the L610W, our Best Value award winner! They sport list prices of $2499 and $2599.

Very cool!  Long life, no hassle, solutions for business and education.

Epson has long offered interactive UST projector models, with their top of the line (for education), laser-powered Brightlink 710Ui, with 4000 lumens and offers both pen and finger touch interactivity!  Last year, the still current 710Ui won Best Performance for an Ultra Short Throw or Interactive Projector award. Epson's 1470Ui projector adds “Pro” features such as PC free whiteboard, Whiteboard sharing, PC-free email/save/print, and WiFi.  Since interactive projectors are relatively unique, here’s a link to Nikki’s full review last year.

Now let’s turn our attention to some bigger, meaner, more commercial laser projectors. These projectors sport interchangeable lenses, advanced features like edge blending and projection mapping, making them ideal for museums and other unique display applications, and of course, use in mega-churches/other houses of worship, and they are most certainly most suitable for auditoriums and hotel ballrooms of various sizes, rock concert venues, and large digital signage applications!

Let’s meet two of them!  The first is our most recent review: Epson’s massive 15,000 lumen L1755UNL – a $33K monster, that is sure to be popular in those largest venues, especially museums, mega-churches, and entertainment facilities. Hey, the 1755UNL isn’t even their Epson’s most powerful.

Powerlite 1755UNL commercial projector
The Epson L1755UNL is a beast! 15,000 lumens, WUXGA native res, interchangeable lenses, and basically dripping in features and capabilities

But Epson has models for smaller applications too, including smaller auditoriums, large lecture halls, multi-purpose rooms and more, so here’s one we have not yet reviewed but should be of real interest:

So, also meet the Epson L1100U - a cross between affordability and capability.  Like its big brother, offers a full range of interchangeable lenses for best placement flexibility, and it too has advanced networking, edge blending/ projection mapping, constant brightness, and other mission-critical advanced capabilities.  The L1100U and its many brighter siblings (L1200, L1300, L1400, L1500…all the way up to the 25,000 lumen L25000) are ideal when more advanced abilities are needed, and when capabilities Epson’s “affordable” lineup cannot offer, are required.

Still, compared to the competition, even these smaller “commercial projectors” offer tremendous value.  Consider the L1100U, includes standard zoom lens, (but is available without as the “UNL” for slightly less).  We’re talking $9999 MSRP with the lens, or $150 less, without! We’re talking that is a far more capable projector than some similarly priced laser projectors with more basic feature sets!

Since I’ve mentioned edge blending and projection mapping, for those of you familiar, and work with such applications, let’s take a moment to learn about a new class of projectors which Epson (and a few others) are starting to offer.

projection mapping with epson projectors
Lightscene and other Epson projectors demonstrating multiple projection mapping examples.

Now let's consider Epson’s 2000 lumen LightScene EV-105 which is currently being reviewed by Phil. This projector has the appearance of a compact light fixture so it blends in with retail and hospitality environments.  It mounts with a 360-degree swivel, too and can be used to projects on to a lot of different materials and surfaces.

These Epson LightScene projectors find use in digital signage and projection mapping displays, where they can light up or add graphics and content to objects and scenes, and laser makes the image very bright and detailed in a very small package. Very, very, cool stuff you’ll see more of, transforming regular spaces into immersive experiences for hotels, casinos, retail displays, trade show demonstrations and more.

mega-large lecture hall
This is the type of environment where the 15,000 lm L1755, or the 25,000 lm L25000 Epson laser projectors might be right at home in.

The Bottom Line on Epson Laser Projectors:

If you need a laser projector, it is most likely that Epson will have a model that meets your specific projection needs (resolution, features), but that it will also satisfy other, often pesky, but very important requirements such as demand for superior color handling, excellent pricing, advanced networking. Epson has long had an excellent reputation for both reliability and support, and BTW, all Epson laser projectors claim at least 20,000-hour lives for their laser engines.

So check’m all out. Laser projectors are quickly taking over in all but the low end of the market, and no one is better positioned to earn your business than the team at Epson with their thanks to Epson’s tremendous selection of models, plus their focus on both price/performance and value.

Here are links to additional info on the Epson lasers - on our site, or on Epson's:

Epson Pro L1755UNL - Our full review
Epson L400U - Our full review
Epson Lightscene EV105 - More Info

Epson commercial Laser Projectors - Models and Info

Hey, some great stuff here!  Thanks for “listening!” -art

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