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Epson Pro L1755UNL Commercial Laser Projector Review

Posted on March 31, 2019 by Art Feierman

The Epson Pro L1755UNL is a 15,000 lumen, large venue, 4K pixel shifting laser projector with WUXGA resolution, that can accept a full range of 4K content.

Epson currently offers a total of eight commercial laser projector chassis in its Epson L-Series lineup. Brightness ranges from 6,000 lumens delivered by the Pro L1100U all the way up to a retina burning 30,000 lumens provided by the newly announced Pro L30000U. Less expensive L series projectors start around $2000 (without interchangeable lens options). Some of the projector models in the Pro L series can be purchased with or without the standard lens. Several of the models including the L1755U are also available in both black and white finishes. I reviewed the black finish L1755UNL, however an identical version in white is the L1750UNL.

Specs Review

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Epson Pro L1755UNL Specs
Price $33,000
Technology 3LCD
Native Resolution 1920x1200
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 15000
Contrast 2,500,000:1
Zoom Lens Ratio Multiple lens options
Lens Shift Yes
Lamp Life 20000 hours (Laser Light Engine)
Weight 52.2lb (with standard lens, not included)
Warranty 3 Years

EPSON PRO L1755UNL Overview

L1755UNL projector

With the ability to deliver up to 15,000 lumens. combined with the reliability and longevity of a laser light engine, the Epson ProL1755U projector could be the perfect solution for someone looking for a large venue projector. While its light output is impressive, there is a lot more to the Epson Pro L1755U than its brightness. It is also tremendously adjustable and flexible which makes it a great solution for a variety of applications.

As with all Epson 3LCD projectors, it produces as many color lumens as it does white lumens, which ensures a bright, vibrant image to be utilized in events such as concerts, stage performances and house of worship functions.

The L1755UNL’s native resolution is WUXGA (1920 x 1200). To provide a crisp and clear picture, the projector accepts 4K content and is equipped with Epson’s PRO-UHD chip, which pixel shifts the image for 4K enhancement.

While the Epson Pro L1755UNL does not ship with a lens, for maximum flexibility it is compatible with a total of eight, 4K ready lenses ranging from a 15% vertical lens shift to a very generous 65%. However, be aware that some lenses will not support the maximum brightness level of this projector. For this review the ELPLM15 lens was utilized. It is a middle-throw zoom lens with a range of 1.57 to 2.5. It also allows the projector to deliver its maximum brightness level. 

It has wired LAN and HDBaseT for running audio, video and control signals over extremely long distances (up to 100 meters). There’s a DVI-D connector, an HDMI 2.2 port for accepting 4K content, several audio inputs and an RS-232c connector for old-school command and control. It also has BNC connectors, a service port and an input for a wired remote control.

The L1755UNL’s compatibility with Epson’s free Projector Professional Tool software simplifies the optimization for multi-projector setups. Since you can control multiple projectors simultaneously using the software via a network (wired or wireless), there is no need for a remote control. The projector features Edge Blending, which allows two projectors to be set up side-by-side or top and bottom to project a larger and higher resolution image. This feature allows blending of adjacent edges of each projector’s image greatly reducing any visible seam. While this process could be done with of two separate remote controls, it can now be done using a single PC via the Projector Professional Tool software, greatly reducing installation time.

After several thousand hours, the color of a projector, even one with a laser light engine, can shift. To ensure long-term picture quality, the L1755UNL also includes an Auto Color Adjustment feature which uses a built-in camera and the laser light engine to adjust for color uniformity. 

This feature is even more useful when utilizing multiple projectors because according to Epson, it can “detect subtle color inconsistencies between multiple projectors and screens that have become unevenly colored over time”. This function can be used manually or can be set to automatically check at predetermined intervals.

There are many situations where the image not be projected onto a flat surface. The projection mapping available in this model allows you to quickly fix the distortion created when projecting onto a curved, corner or irregular surface. 


As you would expect from a larger commercial projector, the Pro L1755 laser projector is feature laden:

  • 15000 lumens (color and white)
  • Accepts 4K content
  • Blu-ray UHD compatible
  • Uses Pixel shifting to enhance sharpness/detail
  • Dynamic iris for improved blacks
  • 20,000-hour Dual Blue laser light engine
  • Split screen capability
  • Nine lens options
  • Extensive lens for great placement flexibility
  • Lens Memory (10 savable settings)
  • User Modes settings (10 savable settings)
  • 3G-SDI for running 1080p live video up to 100 meters on coax
  • HDBaseT for running HDMI long distances over low cost CAT6
  • DVI-D, Component, etc.
  • Apps and software for supporting tablets, phones, projecting up to four sources at once, and more
  • Advanced Networking is standard, wireless is optional ($99)
  • Multiple stereo audio ins and a variable stereo audio out
  • Multi-Projector support
  • Edge blending and projection mapping abilities
  • Will work vertically, many angles
  • 24/7 operation

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