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Formovie P1 Pocket Laser Projector Review

Posted on February 25, 2023 by Philip Boyle
Formovie P1 Pocket Laser Projector - Projector Reviews - Image

The Formovie P1 compact qHD (960 x 540P) Digital Light Processing (DLP) pocket projector features ALPD laser technology in an ultra-portable chassis that measures less than one inch thick and lists at $399 MSRP.

Formovie P1 Projector Measures 800 ANSI Lumens - Projector Reviews - Image
800 Lumens of manufacturer-rated brightness made possible by an ALPD laser light source

The Formovie P1 provides a manufacturer rated 800 lumens (not ANSI lumens) of brightness with 25,000+ hours of laser-light source life, can project a 16x9 image up to 100 inches diagonally, and features vertical auto-keystone correction capabilities.


Formovie P1 Pocket Laser Projector - Projector Reviews - Image
Formovie P1 Pocket Laser Projector - Projector Reviews - Image
Formovie P1 Pocket Laser Projector - Projector Reviews - Image
Formovie P1 Pocket Laser Projector - Projector Reviews - Image
Formovie P1 Specs
Price $399 MSRP
Technology Laser DLP
Native Resolution qHD (960x540)
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 800
Contrast 600:1
Zoom Lens Ratio
Lens Shift No
Lamp Life 25,000
Weight 10.5 oz. (0.3 kg)
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Advanced Laser Phosphor Display - Projector Reviews - Image

The Formovie P1 is the worlds smallest projector with an Advanced Laser Phosphor Display (ALPD) light source designed to provide a bright and colorful image. ALPD is a technology that tackles the disadvantages faced by LED and lamp projectors to display brighter, more vivid images for extended periods of time. Lamp projectors produce sufficient brightness but are prone to overheating and require multiple bulb changes. LED lights solve the problem of maintenance, but they can only produce a limited amount of brightness that affects the quality of the picture. Laser light projectors can achieve a higher brightness level, reach a wider range of colors, and be designed to be much smaller than traditional projectors. 

In addition to measuring less than an inch thick, the Formovie P1 weighs only 10.5 oz. (0.3 kg) and comes with a carrying case capable of holding the projector and its accessories. The whole kit can easily fit into a backpack or a purse for easy transport.

Watch Movies On The Road - Projector Reviews - Image
Watch your favorite movies on the road or in the backyard

The built-in powered speaker makes this projector the perfect solution to display content in a meeting room or bedroom. When users add a compatible external battery, the P1 can be used for watching movies in the backyard or on a camping trip.

Vertical Auto Keystone Correction - Projector Reviews - Image
Vertical Auto Keystone Correction adjusts the displayed image correcting any up or down tilting of the projector

This portable projector does all of the hard work when getting the perfect display. It supports vertical auto-keystone correction, so you can simply place it in the desired spot facing the screen and let the Formovie P1 projector perfectly align the display to the screen. Vertical keystone correction lines up the image to fix distortion at the top or bottom of the screen.

The Formovie P1 has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity allowing users to cast various content that is not copy-protected from a compatible iOS or Android device like a phone or tablet. This projector is good for watching movies, displaying photos, or chatting with others on a bigger screen than your phone has.

Formovie P1 Uses Light Diffusion - Projector Reviews - Image
Protect sensitive eyes over a long period of time

Unlike a smartphone, tablet, or TV screen that uses direct light to display images, Formovie P1 uses light diffusion that bounces light off another surface and protects the viewer's eyes over long periods of viewing. It’s a more suitable option than a tablet for children’s screen time, and it can create an experience that is more immersive and nurturing to the learning mind.

The projector is available from the Formovie store for a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $399.


  • ALPD laser technology by Appotronics
  • 960 x 540P qHD resolution
  • Texas Instruments 0.23" DLP DMD
  • 800 lumens manufacturer's-rated brightness
  • 600:1 contrast ratio
  • Built-in wireless connectivity
  • Mono speaker
  • Casting: Miracast and Airplay
  • 25,000+ hrs. of laser light source life
  • Project an image from 40 -100 inches diagonally
  • Vertical auto-keystone correction capabilities
  • Manual focus wheel
  • 5.9” x 0.97” x 3.26” (WxHxD) (50.8 × 83 × 24.6mm)
  • 10.5 oz. (0.3 kg)

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