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Hisense Adds The 100L5F To Their Lineup of Laser TVs

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Hisense Adds The 100L5F To Their Lineup of Laser TVs

By Tony Salinas
Hisense is showing off its "true colors" with their new more affordable DLP® short throw projector called the 100L5F which is promising an immersive adventure while you watch your 4k movie content or are gaming. With a retail price of $3999, the 100L5F is Hisense least expensive Laser TV model. While the 100L5F like previous models use a DLP imager, this new 100” Hisense Laser TV a new technology X-Fusion™ laser light source. The projector comes with its own massive 100" ambient light rejection screen as it does with the Hisense 100L10E model. What sets the 100L5F apart is that the new X-Fusion™ laser light source incorporates a single blue laser light source.  As you know, both the Hisense 100L10E and the 120L10E use the Blue+Red laser with phosphor color filter.  While the utilizes a single blue laser, it still provides a wide enough color spectrum to see true-to-life images that exceed the Rec.709 standard of the 4K color range. The Hisense 100L5F is rated for 2700 lumens which is 300 lumens shy of the rated brightness of the previous 100L10E model. You can check out our review of the Hisense 100L10E by clicking on the link below Hisense 100L10E 4K Smart Laser TV Review Sure, you can spend around one thousand dollars more to get 3000 lumens for the 100L10E (around $4999.99 on Amazon) but will you notice the difference? The 100L5F should be bright enough for most family room applications. This is a smart TV as well, it has Android TV technology that will allow you to set up your favorite content and apps like Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix. You can talk directly to the remote control to open or find your favorite app, show or movie. The Hisense 100L5F Laser TV also provide access to more content and app via Android TV technology and is moving away from the Amazon Alexa interface that Hisense Laser TV’s previous models used. You can stream your content via Bluetooth or use its imbedded Chromecast screen mirroring feature. In other words- the L5F offers all the benefits of a smart TV.
The 100L5F unit supports HDR10 signal and has HLG decoding (not available on the 100L10E model) to deliver amazing detail, contrast and amazing color as the movie director intended. Its smooth motion technology provides precise movement in sports, gaming, fast action movies, and so much more. The projector’s ultra-short throw lens, laser light engine, 4K resolution, and included ambient light rejecting screen make it an ideal solution for corporate office space, educational classroom, and collaborating rooms as well. That makes sense since we have all seen many HD TVs having difficulty displaying rich, crisp readable text in powerpoint presentations or excel worksheets in office spaces and meeting rooms. The 100L5F Hisense Laser TV contains a nice set of speakers with dbx-tv digital audio technology but it does not have a wireless subwoofer that is included with the 100L10E or 120L10E Laser TV units. Never-the-less, 100L5F easily surpasses the audio quality of an ordinary flat panel TV. With solid 30 watts of power, it provides rich, detailed sound. However, if you prefer, you can still connect your Hisense Laser TV to your current audio set up via HDMI ARC or optical audio. The 100L5F includes a wider variety of connections. It has four HDMI (2.0 inputs), 2 USB inputs, a RF Antenna, Ethernet (LAN), and RCA audio outputs. Just plug in your 4K Blu-ray player or gaming console and you are ready to go. Since the 100L5F relies on a laser light source, it's literally maintenance-free for up to 25,000 hours. There will not be a need to buy a new light bulb and it comes with a two year warranty. The 100L5F is quiet and power-efficient – two important factors when you want to hear the softest whisper from your favorite movie and when you forget to turn it off at the end.
As mentioned before, Hisense partnered with Texas Instruments to include the latest DLP Theater Technology chip. Both brands combined promise to provide laser-focused exquisite, detail and the brightest images at an affordable price. The Laser TV only weighs 24.3 pounds and the screen 26 pounds which it makes easier to maneuver and set up in a home since its lighter than the typical ultra large flat panel TV. For example, an 80" plus size smart panel TV weighs between 90 and 111 pounds so the Hisense Laser TV installation should be easier. You will get the latest display technology from two of the most innovative brands currently available. The Hisense 100LF5 comes with a 16:9 aspect ratio 100” screen. The screen has the (ALR) properties to reject any ambient light coming from the outer perimeter of the screen. It only displays the laser light source that comes directly from your Hisense Laser TV. In addition to all of this, it comes with a two year warranty and 25,000 hours of free maintenance. The Hisense 100L5F laser TV will be soon available through your favorite on-line retailer at a retail price of $3999.

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