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1st Report from CEDIA Expo 2011

Art and I attended the Sony press event this evening at the CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis.  The trade show opens tomorrow (Thursday) and Sony used their press event to introduce a few new products.  Art in his blog will cover the new Sony VW1000ES projector which is a high end consumer 4K model (i.e, with approx. 2K by 4K resolution or 8 Mpixels total).   While not specifically discussed by Sony in their presentation they did have have their 3D headset that uses OLED 720p display panels.  This is essentially a variation of virural reality headsets that have appeared in various forms over the past couple of decades.  My initial observations from using it for just a couple of minutes was the 3D image was only so-so and the unit feels very heavy.  For those of you that object to the weight of active shutter 3D glasses then these units will seem perhaps 20X heavier in term of how much weight it places on the bridge of the nose (just a wild guess as to the x-factor, but it does seem rather heavy to wear for watichng an entire movie).  Also there is no optical focus adjustments so if you wear glasses then this device would need to be worn over your glasses.  I didn't attempt to wear it over glasses, so I don't really know if this would be satisfactory or not.  Tomorrow will be a big day with several more press events and several meetings with the manufacturers.

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