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CEDIA Expo 2012 News - Part 3

September 7:  This is the third blog in a series reporting on new products being introduced at the CEDIA Expo 2012, that is now underway in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I will update this blog later today with more news out of  the CEDIA show. Yesterday I provided information from the JVC press release (see HERE) announcing their new line of DILA projectors.  I have learned a little more about these projectors beyond the information contained in the press release.  These new projectors use essentially the same chassis and case as used with the current models.  However, JVC is using a new power supply and new lamp with the new models.  After having issues the past two model years with reports of premature lamp dimming and early lamp failures, JVC has switched to a different supplier for the lamps used in the new models.  JVC rates the new lamps to have a life of 4,000 hours and have told those attending CEDIA that the rate of lamp dimming is much better than is typical for UHP lamps (as used in most consumer projectors).  Also as noted in the press release, all models except the entry level ones now are equipped with eShift-2 (a second generation version) to provide pseudo 4K resolution.  However, I have learned that as with last year's models the eShift feature can only be used for upscaling HD (e.g., 1080p) as the projector cannot accept a 4K signal via its HDMI input.  Finally, based on the demos at CEDIA, the new JVC projectors still are displaying occasional 3D crosstalk/ghosting, but perhaps less than past JVC projectors.  JVC representatives at CEDIA were saying that the final production models may have reduced 3D crosstalk as compared to the pre-production units they were showing. 8 Sept. UPDATE: Also as a follow-up to previously posted information, it appears the MSRP of Sony's new VPL-HW50ES projector will be $3999,  including two pairs of 3D glass and an extra lamp.  This is similar to the original price for the model VPL-HW30ES packaged with 3D glasses when it was introduced a year ago.  It appears that Sony is keeping the VPL-HW30ES in their projector line-up, but they have dropped the price on that model to $2999.  Apparently the current Sony VPL-VW95ES and the VPL-VW1000ES models remain unchanged in the Sony projector line-up for the next year. Art has posted his blog update (HERE) talking about the two DLP projectors from Mitsubishi that were introduced at the CEDIA Expo (I also provide info from the Mitsubishi press release in yesterday's blog). This year's CEDIA Expo saw fewer major projector introductions than the past two CEDIA Expos (i.e., more evolutionary models rather than revolutionary new models this year).  A few manufacturers were showcasing their new 84 inch LCD/LED flat panel TVs with 4K resolution.  It appears the current list of manufactures to announce such new models includes LG, Sony, JVC,  and perhaps others I haven't heard about.  It appears all of the 84" 4K LCD/LED TVs are using LCD panels sourced from LG.  The price of the Sony is about $25K while JVC and LG will be offering models for under $20K.  That's at lot of money for a 84" TV even if has 4K resolution and is rather large by flat panel TV standards.  However, its rather small for dedicated home theater owners that typically use projectors with screens of 100" and up (way up in some cases).   By comparison you could purchase the excellent Sony VPL-VW1000ES (4K resolution) projector and a 150 inch 2.35:1 'scope' screen for only a little more (i.e.., the cost of the screen) than Sony's new 84" LCD/LED 4K TV (Model XBR-84X900). _________________________________

That all for now - Also check out Art's blog directly from the CEDIA Expo - HERE

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