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CEDIA Expo 2015 - Day 0: Sony, Epson, DreamVision Projectors

I'm calling this initial blog from the 2015 CEDIA Expo in Dallas, Texas my Day 0 (zero) post, because the trade show exhibits don't officially open until tomorrow (Thursday, Oct. 15th).  Today (Wednesday) is the day for those of us attending the show to register and get our badges, perhaps attend the keynote address in the evening and meet up with old friends.  A few of the vendors do participate in what CEDIA calls a Media Preview Event on Wednesday afternoon where members of the press can chat with those vendors that are participating in this event (generally from a few of the smaller companies).  However, a few of the major companies do offer press releases on Wednesday to promote the new products they will be announcing and showing at their exhibit booth that will open the following day.  This blog mentions a few projector related news items I extracted from these early previews of what I expect to actually see displayed and demo'ed over the next couple of days.

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Epson -

Epson is expanding its line of high brightness Pro C inema projectors.  We previous reviewed one of earlier models in this series and in fact Art has installed an Epson Pro Cinema G6900 in his own living room.  While these models do not have the ultra dark black levels and high contrast ratios that are desired from a top performing home theater class projector (i.e, that is intended to be used in a fully light controlled room), they do have the light output to deal with environments where the ambient room lighting cannot be fully controlled.  The following is a Photo and text are from the new Epson press materials

Bright Pro Cinema Sport Lifestyle

Epson announced a versatile lineup designed for creative custom installers, as well as AV and sports enthusiasts, as an innovative alternative to traditional flat panels.

Delivering up to 6,000 lumens of color brightness and 6,000 lumens of white brightness, the new Ultra-Bright Pro Cinema series offers an immersive, big-screen experience in bright rooms – specifically designed to provide exceptional image quality and wireless connectivity in expansive, ambient light environments.

Featuring four models ranging from $2,499 to $6,999, the expanded Pro Cinema series is a smart choice for any sports fan. Dealers and their customers will benefit from the latest Epson Pro Cinema projectors’ exceptional brightness, connectivity and installation flexibility to enhance their viewing experience and enjoy favorite content.

 Sony -

Unofficial word is Sony will be introducing at model VPL-VW665 projector to replace the current VPL-VW600 at a similar near $15,000 list price.  This new model is probably the equivalent to what Sony introduced last month as the model VPL-VW520, at the IFA show in Berlin, for distribution outside of the USA.  I discussed this international model in my previous blog.

Also Sony is expected to announce a new very high-end flagship 4K/UHD projector using a laser light engine rated to offer 5000 lumens.  This model VPL-VW5000ES is expected to be priced at near $60,000.  This model will support the features of the upcoming Ultra-HD Blu-ray discs including High Dynamic Range (HDR) and wide color gamut.  We should get confirmation and more details Thursday morning at the Sony press conference  and later in the day in a meeting with Sony representatives.

DreamVision -

Dreamvision was the first, or at least among the first, to offer a home theater DLP projector in the USA.  This was back in the pre-HD days.  DreamVision is showing a laser based ultra short throw projector, model UST25-4000HDi, at CEDIA that is expected to carry a list price of near $10,000.  It is said to project a 100 inch image from a throw distance of 12 inches.  It is specified to produce 4000 ANSI lumens and have an on/off contrast ratio of 20,000:1.

Quantum Media System -

This company has put out a press statement that says in part:

Unlike other packaged theater options or systems, Quantum Private Theaters utilize proprietary commercial-grade 4K RGB Digital Laser Projectors—the only 4K Digital Cinema projectors small enough to be installed within the confines of a home’s private cinema, rather than in a separate projection room behind the theater. The Quantum Private Theater 4K RGB laser projector is housed in a smaller chassis and uniquely engineered to produce minimal heat and noise; the Laser Module light source can be located in a distant rack area or closet and connected to the projector via fiber cables for easy installation.

Without a doubt this will be a very high-end product, being derived from a commercial digital cinema projector.


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