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InFocus IN1118HD Mobile Projector - Hardware Tour

Posted on September 13, 2016 by Art Feierman
InFocus IN1118HD Mobile Projector - Hardware Tour:  Appearance, Connector Panel, Control Pad, Remote Control, Menus


The above photo gallery shows the projector from various positions.    The front of the projector (1st photo above) has the lens, IR receiver for the remote and a ventilation air exhaust grill.  The right side of the projector (2nd photo above) has the speaker and air inlet ventilation grill.  The rear of the projector (3rd photo above) has the connector panel.  The left side of the projector (4th photo above) has no vents or other features and the top of the projector (5th photo above) has the control pad along with the lens zoom and focus adjustments.

The InFocus IN1118HD is rather easy to setup. It has only one front foot that's adjustable. You simply hold the front of the projector up and twist the foot until you reach the desired image position. The projector does have vertical keystone correction (both automatic and manual), but you should try and physically setup the projector to get a square image rather than use keystone correction whenever possible.

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Connector Panel

The IN1118HD's connector panel is shown in the photo below. infocus-in1118hd-connector-panel Included are the usual HDMI (HD video + audio) input as well as a computer input (supporting either RGB or component video) and a composite video input.  There is an audio input as well as an audio output, for use with external powered speakers.  Also included are three USB connectors  and a power connector.


Control Pad and Lens Adjustments

The projector's control pad and zoom lens adjustments are located on the top panel of the projector.  The control pad is shown in the 1st gallery photo above and it provides the essential buttons to turn the projector on/off, select the desired signal input and to display and navigate the projector's menus.  The lens zoom and focus adjustments are shown in the 2nd photo above.  These are simple mechanical adjustments of the zoom and focus rings on the lens barrel.

Remote Control

The InFocus remote is a compact unit without any backlight.  The remote allows you access to the projector's functions in a more intuitive way than the top of the projector's more limited control pad.  As expected it provides the buttons for powering up the projector, selecting the signal input and displaying/navigating the on-screen menus.  The remote also provides the necessary buttons for displaying and navigating thru presentations using the projector's built-in multimedia functions.

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The IN1118HD has a rather straight forward menu structure with a 'basic' menu, as shown in the 1st gallery photo above, as well as an 'advanced' menu, as shown in the 2nd gallery photo above. The Basic menu offers the typical adjustments for such things as brightness, contrast, sharpness as well as the selection of the desired preset picture mode.

The Advanced menu offers sub-menus with additional picture adjustments as well as the setup options and projector status information, as shown in the 3rd thru 6th gallery photos above.

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