InFocus IN2128HDx Projector Review - Picture and Sound Quality

April 6, 2018

InFocus IN2128HDx Projector Review – Picture and Sound Quality: Color Modes, Video Image Quality, Text and Presentation Quality, Audio Quality

Color Modes

The IN2128HDx has two lamp settings, Normal and Low Lamp Power, and then 7 other color modes, Bright, Presentation, Video, Whiteboard, Blackboard, Beige Wall, and a customizable User mode.  performed as I now almost expect of most single chip DLP projectors.  When in the brightest modes, reds and yellows suffer a ton.  Presentation mode seemed to have a bluish tint to it that looked unnatural to me but Video mode cleared that up with a much better performance at a similar brightness.

Should you need Whiteboard, Blackboard, or Beige Wall, the option is there.  Whiteboard seemed to have even more of a tint than Presentation mode, and Blackboard was almost as bright as Bright mode, suffering similar color distortions.  I did not measure Beige Wall’s brightness but it had the similar tint that Whiteboard and Presentation suffered from.

Overall, hands down, your best color is going to come in Video mode.  If the brightness will work for you there, there is no question you want to utilize that color mode.  Unfortunately when you need the brightness and must absolutely utilize Bright mode, your color is going to suffer and you just need to be prepared for that.

Video Image Quality

Each image here was shot in the brightest lamp setting, in Video mode.  Considering the color performance, I wasn’t expecting great performance overall but thanks to Video mode, colors performed OK and the images were sharp, even if you were not getting great black and white level performance in general.  For my eyes, very sharp picture, but color performance left me wanting more.

Text and Presentation Quality

Text really surprised me here and was very sharp overall, even starting at 10 pt. text.  12 pt. was very simple to read and 16 pt. probably hit the sweet spot for the sharpest.  Each size was convincingly sharper in the middle of the screen than it was when placed in the corners, though the bottom corners were considerably sharper than the top corners.  The powerpoints and webpages looked pretty sharp so while I have to ding the projector for the color performance a little bit, it’s only fair to add praise here, text is sharp!

Audio Quality


The 10 watt speaker is strong and it booms when needed.  It is more than enough to fill a sizable classroom but it will not be able to handle a much larger environment like a lecture hall.  Overall, I was pretty impressed with the performance of the speaker and for anyone on the go, it should leave you feeling confident that you won’t have to scramble for external speakers in the  majority of situations.

In addition to the high performance internal speaker, there is an audio out port so when needed, you can hook up some stronger external speakers and give yourself the amount of sound needed to fill whatever room you need.  In addition to all that versatility already, the IN2128HDx gives you the ability to always leave the internal speaker on or off.  That means, whenever you want, you can combine the powerful sound of the internal speaker, with whatever external speakers you wish to add in at the same time to give you even more impressive overall sound volume and quality.

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