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InFocus IN2128HDx Projector Review – Summary

InFocus IN2128HDx Projector Review – Summary: Summary, Pros, Cons


Overall, the InFocus IN2128HDx is competent projector for the $999 range, but unfortunately I cannot consider it the best value in this price range as I just reviewed the award winning Epson PowerLite 990U, that is slightly larger, but a much higher performing projector for just about the same price, and even less if Epson’s Better Futures discount is applied.

That said, the IN2128HDx is no slouch and deserves praise in a few areas for sure.  For starters, the picture is sharp.  Claiming a 15,000:1 contrast ratio, I really thought the projector performed very well when it came to text within excel, the web browser, and powerpoint.  Black levels performed OK, nothing special, but black levels are not the reason you’re buying this projector.


While the color did perform great in the brightest mode, as is to be expected with single chip DLPs, Video mode performed very well and provided a high quality set of colors to look at.  So while this will not be the brightest projector you will find in this price range, it will depend on your needs whether or not this is bright enough.  If you need accurate color representation and max brightness to go along with that, this may not be the projector for you.  In rooms with no issues with ambient light, and the ability to stay in video mode, you will find the IN2128HDx much better suited for such an environment.

Where the IN2128HDx shines is its speaker.  It is 10 watts and delivers booming sound, more than enough to fill a room with plenty of people.  Not only that, you can combine this powerful internal speaker with any external source through your audio output port.  With the ability to toggle the internal speaker on or off at any time, and full customization for how you want your audio inputs and outputs to be carried out, you have a ton of versatility to provide quality sound in most environments with this InFocus projector.

Lastly, for schools and businesses, InFocus offers a few different connectivity features that can enhance your working environment every day.  With Lightcast compatibility, users can efficiently utilize mobile devices as sources to display images.   With PC Free projection and 4 gb of internal storage, presenting, even without your computer, is now a breeze to accomplish.  Lastly, the IN2128HDx is fully equipped to be hooked up to your school’s or business network, or any other compatible network monitoring system like Crestron or AMX.

Bottom line, the IN2128HDx can give you high performance on the go or permanently mounted, especially with superior sound and the ability to improve sound on an already impressive internal speaker.  The picture is very sharp, and although one would prefer better color performance in brighter modes, that is just not the reality for this type of single chip DLP projector.  That said, as a slightly smaller, more portable option than the Epson PowerLite 990U in this price range, this is a very competent projector for your education or business needs.


  • Full HD (1920 x 1024) native resolution
  • Portable
  • Color Management System
  • Powerful 10 watt speaker with ability to combine with external speaker
  • Ability to change Menu location and transparency
  • Lightcast compatible enabling mobile device connections
  • PC Free projection
  • 4 gb of internal storage
  • Runs pretty quiet
  • Network administration functionality


  • Price
  • Color performance in brightest mode is distorted
  • Only one HDMI port
  • 30% reduction from manufacturer 4000 lumens claim
  • Control panel buttons difficult to press
  • Fan is loud on startup and shutdown