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InFocus LiteShow III Projector Special Features

Posted on May 11, 2011 by Art Feierman

Display 4 Sources at a Time

OK, true, I never tried four at once, but I did install the software on two computers, and had no trouble putting up two images side by side, using half the screen (total). It seems It is quadrant based, I couldn't hook up two and have each with half the screen. Still, it works as intended, besides, two only, would not be an efficient use of the "desktop" space, but no, you can't have one occupy, say, 75% of the screen and another 15 or 25%.

Standard Network or Wireless

Your call! You can just plug your network into the back of the LiteShow 3, or approach it wirelessly from any computer with wifi. We do not run a hard wire network here, so we only worked with the LiteShow 3, talking to it wirelessly from some laptops.


If you wish to transfer audio as well as video to your display, there's an extra step or two of setup There is a software driver you need to download and add to the provided USB thumbdrive, that has the standard driver. This is the only extra hassle I encountered, and a minor one at that. You will find a stereo mini audio out jack on the back of the LiteShow III device.

LiteShow III Documentation

Whether you refer to this InFocus network adapter as the LiteShow III, or LiteShow 3, the documentation is really good. There are a whole bunch of functions we didn't get to test, but I was truly impressed that in almost all of those seemed very well documented, and easy to understand.

Auto Wifi Detect and Connection Profiles

Wifi detect - not a surprise, but like your laptop, look and it will tell you what wireless networks are available, so you can select the right one. If you are typically working with only one display (such as a projector in a board room or classroom), you can set up a profile of how you want them to work (resolution, etc.).You can save multiple connection profiles as well, if you typically work with several different, but known display devices.

Resize or Not: LiteShow III Sources

My two laptops support 1440x900 and 1280x800 as their respective native modes. Since the LiteShow III is primarily an XGA device, you can let the LiteShow tell your computer to switch to XGA so what is on your display (via LiteShow) is exactly the same as your computer screen. Or, since that rearranges my desktop, etc. I prefer not to. No problem, you choices are: a) automatically match the computer display to the LiteShow, b) keep your computer in native resolution, or c) have the LiteShow ask you each time.

Custom Start Up Screen

Just as many projectors allow you to put in a custom start up screen (or one that shows when there's no source), so does the InFocus LiteShow 3. Great for your company logo, or a timely announcement (Welcome to the Infocomm Show) , or whatever floats your boat.

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