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JVC DLA-NX7 4K Projector Review- Performance

Posted on August 31, 2019 by Phil Jones

JVC DLA-NX7 4K Projector Review - Performance: Brightness, Audible Noise, Contrast


In High lamp mode, all the JVC DLA-NX7 picture modes measured within a couple hundred lumens of each other. The Natural and User modes measured just under 1,800 lumens at mid-zoom while still delivering fairly accurate out the box picture quality.

Color ModeLumens (High Lamp Mode)
User 1 to User 61767


We do not measure audible noise, but even at full power, it is significantly quieter than most of the Home Theater projectors we have reviewed over that the past year. There is a noticeable increase in fan noise when switching from low to high. In high lamp mode, the DLA-NX7 is noticeably quieter than the Epson 5040UB and 6040UB projectors, which are the only projectors that cost less and approach the JVC in terms of black level performance. Only Sony projectors, like the VW885ES, that compete directly against the DLA-NX7 is as quiet, or perhaps slightly quieter.


JVC home theater projectors have a reputation for delivering the highest native contrast in the industry. Even without the DLA-NX7’s dynamic iris engaged, there are few projectors that can come close to this JVC’s performance on dark scenes.

With the Iris engaged, you would have to spend more than double the cost of the DLA-NX7 to find a competitor’s native 4K projector with comparable blacks like the Sony VW885. Even then, most competitor’s 4K projectors can’t match the DLA-NX7 native contrast and they would have to depend on dynamic light modulation (a dynamic iris or a laser light engine) to exceed its dynamic contrast. So, if you love deep blacks on very dark scenes, you can’t beat this JVC without spending a lot more.

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