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Posted on November 9, 2020 by Phil Jones

JVC DLA-RS3000 Projector Review – Picture Quality: Out-of-the-box Color Modes, Skin Tones


Like the NX7 I reviewed last year, I would rate the JVC DLA-RS3000 out-of-the-box picture quality as very good and better than most. Whether you are watching HD, 4K or HDR, the DLA-RS3000 delivered an excellent picture. The main competitor model is the more expensive Sony VW915ES.

My time with the DLA-RS3000 was too short, I would have been happy to have the projector as part of my reference system for a longer period of time. I found myself addicted to the stellar black levels and they will be greatly missed when I revert back to the more grayish-black image of my personal projector.


JVC reduced the amount of preset picture modes and increased the amount of user configurable modes. Of the four different preset SDR picture modes available, the Natural mode was the most accurate.

In addition to the Natural picture mode, the JVC also includes a Cinema and a Film mode. The Cinema mode image was a little cooler and brighter while the Film mode picture was warmer with boosted contrast.

The screen shots below give a rough idea of the color accuracy for each picture mode.

There are also three user configurable modes which look identical to the Natural picture mode. These modes can be used to store picture settings after calibration such SDR brightest mode or SDR best mode.

To achieve the best out-of-the-box SDR picture, choose Natural (any custom User mode) along with the REC709, D65, and 2.4 gamma preset options. The lamp power will be defaulted to low and increasing the lamp to high did affect color reproduction slightly but can be easily corrected with calibration.

Above are a few more images from Movies and TV shows. As noted elsewhere, there is some color shifting in these images, so they do not fully represent how good the JVC DLA-RS3000 looks in person.


The Natural mode produced the most accurate skin tones. Above are images of a variety of videos and photos in 4K and HD resolution. Like all our photos, they remain unadjusted for color, so they do not look as good as what the projector produced. All the HD and 4K images were taken with the DLA-RS3000 set to Natural (the best preset mode for non-4K) or the user mode we calibrated for SDR viewing.

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