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Posted on November 9, 2020 by Phil Jones

JVC DLA-RS3000 Projector Review – Summary: Highlights, Value Proposition, Pros and Cons


JVC projectors like the DLA-RS3000 utilizes JVC’s 3rd generation 0.69-inch 4K D-ILA devices to offer not only 4K resolution but higher native contrast than most projectors on the market.

JVC 4K projector lineup is broken up into two series starting at $5,999.95. The first is the Procision Series and it consists of the DLA-NX5, DLA-NX7, and the DLA-NX9. The second is the Reference Series, which includes the DLA-RS1000, the DLA-RS2000, and the DLA-RS3000.

The DLA-RS3000 retails for $17,999 and delivers 2200 Lumens with a high contrast ratio of 1000,000:1. It can also deliver rich vibrant colors. JVC also claims that with the Cinema Filter engaged, the RS3000 can reproduce to 100% of the DCI-P3 color space.

The DLA-RS3000 is equipped with a 100 mm diameter lens which adopts an all-glass design with 18 elements in 16 groups to deliver a high-resolution image with sharp focus across the entire screen.

On a lot of projectors, HDR content can appear dull due to a lack of brightness. The Adaptive HDR tone mapping combined with Theater Optimizer feature eliminates this problem. This feature dynamically measures the brightness of HDR10 content and automatically adjusts the DLA-RS3000’s settings to deliver the best HDR picture possible.

Compared to the competition, I have yet to find a single chip consumer 4K DLP projector that could come anywhere close to the color fidelity, contrast, and black level of a JVC LCoS projector like the DLA-RS3000. It is not even a fair fight – the DLA-RS3000 is in a whole other league. If you have the budget to step up from a 4K DLP projector to a 4K JVC D-ILA, you should absolutely do it.

The JVC RS-series projector’s true competition is a Sony 4K projector. Looking at Sony FPJ lineup, the VW915ES ($19,999) is comparable to the DLA-RS3000 ($17,999). The JVC offers the same 4K resolution but with higher native contrast and better optics for $2,000 less. The RS3000 HDR performance is slightly better as well. However, the Sony VW915ES features a maintenance-free laser light engine. You would have to spend $30K to get a comparable laser-based JVC. Overall, I was highly impressed with the performance if the DLA-RS3000, it is definitely one of the best home theater projectors on the market today.

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Spending an additional $10,000 to step up from JVC’s mid-level 4K projector DLA-RS2000 to the JVC DLA-RS3000 offers several benefits. A large portion of the cost increase is due to the improved optics.

The DLA-RS3000 uses the same 100mm all-glass lens assembly found in the DLA-RS4500K which is JVC’s flagship 4K laser projector. The higher quality lens assembly results in sharper focus, better color reproduction and also substantially boosts brightness and contrast ratio over the RS2000. The DLA-RS3000 claimed brightness (2,200 lumens) is 300 lumens higher than the DLA-RS2000 (1,900 lumens).

The DLA-RS3000 (100,000:1 native, 1,000,000:1 Dynamic) offers 20 percent more contrast than the DLA-RS2000 (80,000:1 native, 800,000:1 Dynamic).

In addition to being both THX® 4K Certified and ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) Licensed, the DLA-RS3000 is also built with hand-selected components.

Finally, by combining native 4K D-ILA devices with JVC’s proprietary 8K e-shift technology, it can deliver an 8K (8,192 x 4,320) projected image. 8k e-shift is not the same as native 8K, but it will result in a sharper, more detailed image compared to native 4K. The RS3000 does not support an 8K signal input, but it will upscale your HD and 4K content.



  • 8K e-shift
  • High-Quality optics
  • 2,200 lumens (color and white)
  • Native 4K (4,096 x 2,160) D-ILA devices x 3
  • Excellent native contrast
  • Precise Dynamic HDR Tone Mapping optimizes HDR10 viewing
  • Wide Color Gamut (Over 100% DCI-P3)
  • Very good color out of the box (full calibration controls available)
  • Excellent black levels and dark shadow detail
  • 4K HDCP 2.2 (18Gbps) for 4K@60p HDR playback
  • Good motion performance and 4K upscaling
  • 3D Ready
    • Optional wireless emitter (PK-EM2) and glasses (PK-AG3)
  • Installation Mode (10 memories) for non-image settings like lens memories and anamorphic stretch modes
  • 3-year parts/labor warranty (3-year overnight replacement program)



  • High Lamp Power mode could be quieter
  • Lamp-based
  • Moderately large projector

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