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JVC DLA-RS4910 Projector Review - Advanced Calibration Information

Posted on April 16, 2014 by 

About this Calibration Information

Mike completed the CMS calibration of the individual colors, which are provided below. And, of course, some additional comments from him.

JVC DLA-RS4910 Color Management Settings

Color Management Settings
Red Green Blue Cyan Magenta Yellow
Hue 2 8 -2 1 -1 0
Saturation -2 0 0 0 -3 0
Brightness 4 5 -6 0 5 11

Mike's CMS Notes

Like gamma, the color space settings have been renamed to correspond to the picture modes.  With the exception of the Standard color profile, each expands the gamut over the standard Rec. 709 color space.  As a result of the good color space accuracy in Standard, using the CMS results in fine tuning that is not easily discernable to the eye.  Saturation cannot be increased for Blue and Cyan using the CMS, so they remain very slightly undersaturated.  This is nitpicking though, as the chromaticity error is still less than 4% for both.  Overall, the color balance is very good and can be really dialed in with the CMS.

Also, there is also an adjustment ability for Orange in the CMS. However, today's calibration software doesn't expect to see an Orange control, and as such do not address Orange.  It could be adjusted in a manual calibration, and would likely have some minor effect on at least Red and Yellow, but whether there's any benefit, would likely be the result of trial and error.

Calibration Charts (Before and After)

Click to enlarge these charts, pre- and post-calibration.

CIE-STD Chart Pre-Calibration

CIE Chart Post-Calibration (CMS)

CIE Gamma Chart

CIE Chart Grayscale Post-Calibration

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