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JVC DLA-X35 Projector - Warranty

Posted on June 26, 2013 by Art Feierman

JVC offers a two year parts and labor warranty on the DLA-X35 projector in the US.

Three years would be better, there are a few projectors in the X35 projector's price range that do sport 3 years.   Around the X35 projector's $3500 price, many of the competing projectors offer 3 years, including Sony's VPL-HW50ES and (more expensive) VPL-VW95ES, Epson's Pro Cinema 6020, and Optoma's HD8300 to mention some of the other popular projectors. Two years is what you can expect most often from the projectors not mentioned above.

JVC lacks a rapid response replacement program. A great bonus, few offer it.  As an example only Epson to our knowledge, around this price range offers replacement programs longer than 1 year.

Lamp warranty is 1 year or 1000 hours, which ever comes first.  That's a step of from the basic 90 days or 500 hours, but nothing really, "to write home about."

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