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JVC DLA-X35 Projector Review

Posted on March 3, 2013 by Art Feierman
This year JVC has expanded their lineup from three to four projectors. That's true for both JVC's Consumer group, which market this JVC DLA-X35 projector and the other "X" projectors. The JVC Pro side offers essentially identical projectors with the RS designation. The DLA-X35 is this year's version of last year's DLA-X30. JVC this year also has the X55R previously reviewed. That projector is mostly the same as the DLA-X35, except the X35 costs $1500 less, lacking the X55R's e-shift2 feature. Despite being JVC's "entry level" projector (if you want to call any projector that's $3500 entry level), the DLA-X35 manages to offer some impressive results. Let's begin with an overview of JVC's DLA-X35 projector. Pick a color. We received the DLA-X35W finished in a low-reflective white, but there's a DLA-X35B finished in the same non-shiny black as the X55R.

Specs Preview

Price 3499
Technology D-ILA
Native Resolution 1920x1080
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 1300
Contrast 50000:1
Zoom Lens Ratio 2.00:1
Lens Shift Yes
Lamp Life 4000 hours in Normal (eco-mode), 3000 in High
Weight 34
Warranty 3 years

JVC DLA-X35 Projector Highlights

  • High native contrast for excellent black-level performance and dynamic range for price
  • Very good brightness in "best mode"
  • Capable of handling large screens for movie viewing (in 2D) (1300 lumens claimed)
  • Good warranty
  • Extremely good shadow detail
  • Sold by (trained) local installing dealers
  • Excellent remote control
  • 3D capable, note:  3D glasses and emitter are optional
  • Excellent placement flexibility
  • Lens Memory feature
  • Creative frame interpolation for smooth motion

JVC DLA-X35 Projector Overview

Where to start? Technology: 1080p resolution, powered by 3 JVC built LCoS panels (DILA). Large projector, available in either white, or black finish to match your room. JVC is known first and foremost, for their projectors black level performance. The DLA-X35, like the X55R, offers excellent black level performance, while JVC's two projectors at $7999 and $11,999 respectively, offer blacks that are even better, definitely "best in class" among the more expensive competiton. JVC has accomplished the excellent blacks with a native 50,000:1 claim for contrast, rather than using a dynamic iris like all of the serious competition.

Before we continue, I want to note that the direct equivalent projector in JVC's Pro lineup is the DLA-RS46, which is the same price, and seems to differ only in some of the trim, and model number. The match for the next step up, the X55R, is the RS48. The DLA-X75R translates to the RS56, and the flagship X95R equals the RS66. There, good, got that out of the way. Let us continue.

JVC's DLA-X35 offers truly excellent placement flexibility, with a motorized zoom lens. It offers features including CFI (Clear Motion Drive) for smooth motion, and Lens Memory for those who want to use a Cinemascope shaped wide screen, plus other features and benefits touched on below in more detail.

This is generation two for 3D in the JVC projector line-up. What a difference a year makes. As we will discuss later, JVC has gone from very questionable 3D image quality, to very good, in one generation. Good for JVC, although, I must comment that last year's 3D really did leave a lot to be desired when compared to last year's competiton. This year, JVC's 3D is very watchable, with minimal issue.

Technically the JVC X35 can be considered to be JVC's "family room" projector. Mind you, it's great in a dedicated home theater - which, as noted, is why JVC also offers the DLA-X35B in its black finished case. Still, white cases theoretically symbolize projectors for rooms with light colored ceilings (something not likely to be found in a dedicated home theater). We discuss how this JVC projector will do in such family/living/bonus room environments. Let me just say for now, that there are many projectors out there, that may serve you better in a less than great room because they are significantly brighter. It may be slightly brighter than the other, more expensive JVC's but it isn't a light canon.

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