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JVC DLA-X55R Home Cinema Projector - Review Summary 3

Posted on July 16, 2013 by Art Feierman

JVC DLA-X55R Home Cinema Projector: Pros and Cons

JVC DLA-X55R Projector: Pros

There sure are a lot of Pros!

  • Extremely good color post calibration
  • Great black level performance for the price (and no dynamic iris needed)
  • Good CFI - multiple modes
  • Slightly bove average brightness in "best" movie mode (703 lumens) for movie viewing
  • Very good dark shadow detail, expecially considering the dark blacks
  • 2D->3D works - try it with some of your 2D videos from your camcorder or...
  • Lens Memory - allows movie fans to go with a widescreen - such as 2.35:1 cinemascope
  • Zoom, Focus, Lens shift, are all motorized
  • Supports anamorphic lens in both 2D and 3D (not all the competition supports an anamorphic lens in 3D)
  • Wide variety of color presets
  • Better than average lamp life (4000/3000 hours)
  • Extensive gamma and custom gamma controls
  • Crosstalk is much improved (reduced) from last year
  • Optional RF glasses are rechargeable, have a great, 30 foot range from emitter
  • Very good menu layout
  • Really excellent remote control
  • Rather good documentation, better than most
  • Excellent placement flexibility
  • Reasonably quiet projector - not too bad at full power, very quiet at low power
  • Black case - works in dedicated theaters with dark ceilings
  • Decent warranty - 2 years parts and labor

JVC DLA-X55R Projector: Cons

  • Just below average in "brightest mode" (less than 1000 lumens)
  • Needs to be brighter for 3D - stick to smaller screens or high gain ones
  • Lacks a standard analog computer input
  • A 3rd HDMI input would be nice (always), but especially so, in light of no analog computer input
  • Warranty 2 years parts and labor is average, but several competitors are offering 3 years
  • Lamp life - with 3000 hours claimed at low power, we estimate 2000 at full. That makes its lamp life one of the shorter durations
  • Only an OK warranty, for the price range
  • 3D glasses and emitter are optional
  • 3D glasses are Very expensive at $179

JVC's DLA-X55R is one fine projector.  We tend to overanalyze most things.  Take one of these home and watch it, and you'll wonder why you've been wasting a fortune at movie theaters all these years.  Well done!

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