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LG MiniBeam PF1000U Projector Review

Small, but packed with features, LG’s MiniBeam PF1000U is an ultra-short throw projector that includes a TV tuner, wireless networking and one of the most innovative remote controls in the business.

LG MiniBeam PF1000U Projector Review

LG’s line of business and home projectors may be small, but it includes no shortage of innovative designs and exclusive features. In addition to LED illumination, digital TV tuners and integrated Web browsers, many of these projectors can wirelessly send audio to a Bluetooth speaker. The LG MiniBeam Ultra Short Throw LED Home Theater Projector PF 1000U may be a mouthful, but it comes with a slew of unique abilities. At $1,400 it’s a little pricey but could pay for itself because its illumination engine is rated to last 30,000 hours, so you’ll never have to pay for a replacement lamp.

The PF 1000U delivers as much as 1,000 lumens of light to the screen or between a half and a third what traditional lamp-based projectors in its class put out. Still it’s more than enough for watching online videos, Netflix or even the ball game. It uses a high-definition DLP imaging chip that produces 1,920 by 1,080 images, but has a soft focus that forces you to choose between sharp images at the top or bottom of the screen.

While aimed at home use, the PF 1000U has a place in schools and businesses because it can create large images close to the screen. Its remote control looks like it’s been stolen from the Starship Enterprise and not only lets you select items with a movable arrowhead pointer but allows changing the TV tuner’s channels.

The PF 1000U leaves the past behind, with a pair of HDMI inputs, one of which can be used with an MHL-capable phone or tablet. There’s nothing for Displayport or VGA devices, but the projector includes an adapter for connecting to a composite source with audio as well as a component video sources. It can just as easily connect wirelessly to a tablet or notebook.

Small and easy to tote from room to room, the PF 1000U’s images have surprisingly good color balance, regardless of which mode you use, making it a projector for the living room, den or office.


  • Small, easy to carry
  • Low power use
  • Excellent color balance
  • HD resolution
  • Digital TV input
  • Bluetooth audio
  • Remote control with pointer
  • Online apps and browser
  • Built-in Ethernet and WiFi
  • Includes WiDi and Miracast
  • Low operating expenses