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Vivitek Improves AV Control for Meeting Moderators

Vivitek AV Feature

by Philip Boyle Vivitek has released a new optional add-on upgrade that brings better in-room AV control to Novo Ecosystem meeting moderators. Vivitek, a leading provider of visual presentation and collaboration solutions, has added support for the emerging Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) trend to its Novo Ecosystem solutions like the products they introduced in 2020, the Vivitek NC-X700 and NC-X900 collaboration solutions. These devices were brought to market just as the pandemic was spreading and are a cost-effective and straightforward way to share ideas and content wirelessly on a large display. These two devices also extend the value from […]

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Vivitek Launches DU9900Z Heavy-Duty Laser Projector

Vivitek DU9900z featured image

by Philip Boyle It’s been a while since we’ve written about Vivitek here at Projector Reviews, so imagine my excitement when I discovered that Vivitek, a brand of Delta, is announcing the launch of a new heavy-duty laser projector.  Vivitek is part of the Delta family of brands for those unfamiliar with the company. Vivitek currently has a wide range of visual display and presentation products, including digital projection products. We’ve written about several Vivitek projectors in the past here at Projector Reviews. Vivitek offers a wide array of innovative products and technologies designed to meet the ever-increasing demands of […]

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