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Vivitek DH3660Z Business/Education Laser Projector Review

December 13, 2019
The Vivitek DH3660Z is a 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution, DLP projector intended for business and education environments.
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Vivitek HK2288 4K UHD Home Theater Projector Review

February 9, 2018
The Vivitek HK2288 4K UHD projector uses the 2716x1528x2 pixel shifting DLP chip to produce 2,000 lumens in its brightest mode.
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Affordable 4K Capable Projectors Comparison

September 14, 2017
This report compares six affordable 4K capable projectors to help you choose the right one for you.
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Vivitek H9090 Home Theater Projector Review

October 15, 2015
The Vivitek H9090 is a DLP home theater projector that will appeal to purists and enthusiasts.  It is powered by a long life RGB LED light engine.
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Vivitek Qumi Q7 LED Projector - Review

March 1, 2014
Qumi Q7 LED Projector with 800 lumens - this projector is suitable for portable business and education use, digital signage and for home entertainment.  Impressive! For the most part LED projectors until recently were limited to small pico and pocket projectors mostly with 10 to 500 lumens.  There h
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Vivitek QUMI Q2 LED DLP Pocket Projector Review

September 8, 2011
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Vivitek H1080FD Projector Review

February 12, 2011
This projector review of the Vivitek H1080FD projector has been completed. You will find nine pages of information on the H1080FD projector, organized in the Table of Contents below. Enjoy!
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Vivitek H5080 Projector Review

July 18, 2010
Welcome to our in-depth projector review of the Vivitek H5080 home theater projector. We've rushed this to you, because we know you are waiting! Enjoy
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Vivitek H9080FD Projector Review

August 19, 2009
A detailed review of the Vivitek H9080FD 1080p home theater projector.
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