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Vivitek QUMI Q2 LED DLP Pocket Projector Review

Posted on September 8, 2011 by 

Specs Preview

Qumi Q2 Specs
Price 499
Native Resolution
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim)
Zoom Lens Ratio
Lens Shift No
Lamp Life 30000 LED
Weight 1.4
Warranty 1 year

Vivitek QUMI Projector Highlights

  • Small and lightweight – 1.4 lbs.
  • Good contrast ratio – 2500:1
  • HDMI input
  • Playback from USB drives and microSD cards
  • 30,000 hour LED life
  • Variety of display modes
  • Ability to display from iPod, iPad or iPhone (requires optional adapter)

Vivitek QUMI Projector Overview

The Vivitek QUMI Q2  projector is an WXGA (1280 X 800) DLP projector that is usually designated as a “mini” or “pocket” projector.  With the largest external dimension just over 6” and a 1.4 pound weight, the QUMI is easily transportable.  The QUMI features an LED light source that is rated to last 30,000 hours.  As is typically the case with projectors of this size, the QUMI uses a fixed lens, so there is no zooming ability (only digital zooming on the image).  This requires the projector to be placed at the proper distance for the screen size desired.  There are no height adjustment feet on the projector, but it does have a threaded slot on the bottom for connection to a tripod.  The QUMI can project up to a 90” diagonal image from just less than 10 feet.

The QUMI features a HDMI input, but it’s a mini-HDMI input of the type found on many tablet computers.  There is also a universal HD connector port that can be used with the included adapter cable to connect to a traditional VGA computer monitor output.  iPhones, iPods, iPads can also be connected to a separate AV input on the QUMI (with an optional adapter).  It can also project from a USB thumb drive or a microSD card.  This makes the QUMI very versatile as it can be used for a wide variety of presentations, with or without the use of a computer.  There is a built-in one watt speaker for minimal audio output, but thankfully there’s also an audio output jack for external speakers.

The QUMI Q2 comes with a protective case and a relatively compact and lightweight power supply.  Unfortunately, as seems to be the case with this class of projector (and level of brightness), the QUMI does not have a battery option.  Nonetheless, the Vivitek QUMI provides a great combination of long lamp life, brightness, sharpness and color depth, all of which make it a solid contender in the mini projector market.

Vivitek QUMI Projector Special Features

3D Ready – The Vivitek QUMI is 3D ready via its implementation of DLP Link.

30,000 Hour LED Life – The Vivitek QUMI uses an LED light source that is rated to last 30,000 hours.  This is likely longer than the life of the projector.

Built-in Media Player – When the input source is a USB thumb drive or MicroSD card, the QUMI can display various types of media.  A selection screen comes up when the storage device is inserted offering the following options:

  • Movie – Accesses a built-in movie player that displays multiple movie formats, including H.264, MPEG-4, VC-1, WMV9, DivX(Xvid), Real Video, AVS and MJPEG.
  • Photo – Accesses a photo viewer (supporting JPEG, PNG and BMP formats) that also has slide show functionality.
  • Music – Accesses a music player that supports a variety of audio file types, which include MP3, WMA, MID, MIDI, MP1, MP2, OGG, AAC, AMR, WAV, AC3, M4A, AWB and APE.
  • Office Viewer – Accesses a document viewer that displays documents in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint file, as well as Adobe PDF and standard text (.txt) files.

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