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Mitsubishi HC8000D - Competitors 2

Posted on July 15, 2013 by Art Feierman

Mitsubishi HC8000D vs. Optoma HD8200, HD8300

It's been about three years.  Even re-reading the review, I just don't have a feel for the HD8200 anymore.  It's a venerable single chip DLP.  Black levels will definitely favor the Mitsubishi.

The HD8200 calibrates very nicely as well, but we didn't do the CMS.  Still, I was impressed at the time with the color, so let's call them a tie.

The two projectors are similarly bright with the Optoma slightly - about 60 lumens - brighter calibrated, and the Mitsubishi about a hundred lumens brighter comparing "brightest" mode. The Optoma HD8200 is currently far less expensive, and 2D only.

The Optoma HD8300 offers 3D, and is more in line price wise. Black levels could be comparable, but the Optoma's lamp dimming is visible so if you don't use that, the Mitsubishi has the blacks.

The Optoma is far brighter, with 757 lumens post calibration, and about 1150 in "brightest".  No contest.

Optics are manual, so no 2.35:1 screen for the Optoma unless you want to blow thousands extra on an anamorphic lens.

Mitsubishi HC8000D vs. Viewsonic Pro 9000

No contest here.  The Viewsonic has the laser light engine, so no lamp to replace, which means a nice low long term cost of operation, if you plan to keep your projector for many years.

Other than that, and the Viewsonic being a bit quieter, I have to recommend the HC8000D. It's this simple:  picture quality!

Skin tones - which are gorgeous on the HC8000D, are only acceptable at best on the Viewsonic.  The Viewsonic just can't be calibrated to have a great looking picture...

As a side note, the Viewsonic doesn't offer 3D, So, for as much as I complain about the Mitsubishi's insufficient brightness for good 3D, it's better than the Viewsonic's.

Mitsubishi HC8000D vs. PT-AE8000


Calibrated:  Both are excellent, but the HC8000D still has the edge in skin tones.  When it comes to calibrated brightness, the Panasonic is about 50% brighter.

Black levels:  The Panny is good, the Mitsubishi a little better.

"Brightest" mode:  The Panasonic is almost 3 times as bright as the Mitsubishi in this mode.

3D:  The Mitsubishi is cleaner, but the Panasonic has a big brightness advantage.  All else being equal, as with the Epsons, I'd rather have the 3LCD projector over the Mitsubishi, thanks to the significant extra horsepower, which moves 3D out of the dim range.

Pricing favors the Panasonic.  The Mitsubishi at about $3500 pricing with emitter and glasses, vs. $2799 on the Panasonic with 2 pair.

The Mits kills Panasonic on warranty - 3 years on the Mitsubishi, vs. 2 years, with a 2000 hour limit on the Panasonic. Heavy users of the Panasonic may see their warranty run out before the end of year 1, despite the "2 year warranty", since it's a "whichever comes first".  At this time, Panasonic's giving away a 3rd year (3000 hours total), warranty with registration, but that could end.

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