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Mitsubishi HC8000D Projector Screen Recommendations

Posted on July 15, 2013 by Art Feierman
Time to match the screen surface and size to your room, lighting and the types of content you view, as well as personal preferences. This HC8000D projector is built for a dedicated home theater - or at least a room resembling a cave. The recommendations here,will work for other "smaller screen" projectors with about 500 lumens or less calibrated, and less than 1000 lumens in "brightest" mode. The catch that makes deciding on the best screen for this Mitsubishi projector is due to the Mitsubishi HC8000D doubling as a 3D projector. The big issue becomes brightness, of course, as soon as 3D comes into play. Since we can assume that if you wanted a projector for more of a family room environment, and like this Mitsubishi, then you almost certainly would have chosen the other one - the HC7900DW, which is brighter in exchange for black levels. This Mitsubishi is designed as a home theater only projector. The HC8000D looks good in 3D at up to about 92" diagonal, in terms of brightness, with a typical 1.3 gain screen.   With that gain of screen, you likely will find 100" to be a little dim for your tastes.  But, if you are just dabbling in 3D, go for it.

Generally, 82 to 100" screens would make the most sense.  With over 450 lumens calibrated, please note that even 110" diagonal should be acceptable in 2D.

If your room is narrow, you might consider a higher gain screen if you are a 3D fan.  I'm not a fan of very high gain (2.0 and higher), but push up to a 1.6 or 1.8 gain, and 3D at 100" becomes quite watchable.  You'll have a narrow viewing cone and the expected increased roll off, but if you avoid even higher gain screens things should be civilized.

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