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Mitsubishi HC4000 Projector - Warranty

Posted on July 17, 2013 by Art Feierman

The Mitsubishi HC4000 (check out Mitsubishi here) projector comes with a two year, parts and labor warranty.

Two year warranties are pretty much the standard for 1080p projectors, with some models offering three, and a number of lower cost, entry level models with only one.

Many of the projectors the HC4000 (specs) competes directly against, including the lower priced Optoma HD20 and BenQ W1000, come with only a single year warranty, as do a few more expensive projectors as well.

There's one more benefit - a longer than average lamp warranty. The lamp comes with a one year warranty. I usually don't mention lamp warranties as they are typically very short, such as 90 days, or maybe 180 days or 500 hours which ever comes first. A one year, no hour limit warranty, however is exceptional, for a lamp warranty, and might even come in handy for someone running more than 40 hours a week. The longer (than typical) warranty on the lamp probably ties to the long lamp life.

Considering the low price of the HC4000, a two year warranty is really good . Only the Sanyo PLV-Z700, of the projectors close to the price of the HC4000 has a three year warranty.

Bottom line: Consider the warranty to be a good one, and definitely better than average for this price range of projector.

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