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Mitsubishi HC7000 - Competitors-2

Posted on November 19, 2008 by Art Feierman

Mitsubishi HC7000 vs. Sanyo PLV-Z3000

Guessing game time. I haven't received my PLV-Z3000 review projector yet. I'm now told right around end of November. The Sanyo PLV-Z3000, will be a lot less expensive, as it will be available online. Based on the Sanyo's contrast claims, it should be right up there in black level performance with the HC7000, but failing that, it will likely be as good as the Panasonic PT-AE3000, which means still extremely good.

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Sanyo, like Mitsubishi, doesn't turn out bright projectors. I've got no idea which will prove to be brighter. They will probably be very close in lumen output in best mode, but I can't begin to guess how they stack up in brightest mode. It would be hard to imagine the PLV-Z3000, though, to be significantly dimmer than the Mitsubishi. You will get an extra year of warranty with the Sanyo. The Sanyo will be sold primarily through online resellers, as well as local dealers, whereas the HC7000 is strictly through the local dealer channel.

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Mitsubishi HC7000 vs. Panasonic PT-AE3000

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If the pricing on these two projectors was close enough that, say the HC7000 was only $500 more, then I'd expect most shoppers to be really pulling their hair out, trying to decide which to buy. As it is, though, those on a budget can enjoy the slightly brighter, and more "neat feature" laden Panasonic, for significantly less.

Still, those who are purists - hard core enthusiasts, may well want to spring for the HC7000. Consider. For movie watching, I'd rather watch the Mitsubishi - it's sharper, has slightly better black levels, etc. So far, it is now my favorite 3 LCD home theater projector, in terms of picture.

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