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Mitsubishi HC9000D Projector - Physical Tour-3

Posted on July 27, 2011 by Art Feierman

Mitsubishi HC9000D Remote Control

This remote for the HC9000D isn't my favorite by any means. This remote control looks like a variation on business remotes Mitsubishi's been using for probably almost a decade. Not elegant, but fairly functional. I found the amber backlighting to be too dim, by far my biggest complaint Range is good not great. I have been bouncing the IR off my screen and back to the projector behind me. It's a bit tricky with a total distance of almost 25 feet.

Click to enlarge. SO close

My favorite thing about this remote control, is that it will probably make you want to go out and get a nice universal remote to control everything. If it accomplishes that, it's served you well.

From the top. On and Standby (off), and to the right of those two, the 2D / 3D toggle switch. Nice to have it someplace nice and easy to access on the remote.

Next comes your six discreet input buttons.

The fourth row has two buttons to toggle between the Preset modes on one side, and the User modes on the other side. In between, is a button for turning on and selecting the frame interpolation mode.

In the middle of the remote is a standard navigation setup with the four arrow keys in a round formation with center Enter button. Menu is below to the left.

Also below is the Iris button which lets you select between variable and the fixed and custom modes. Aspect ratio (with anamorphic lens support) rounds out that row.

Two rows are dedicated to image controls, including Brightness, Conrast, Color Temp, Gamma, Sharpness, and Color (saturation). That covers the most common ones. Finally, the bottom row has lens controls with Zoom/Focus one one button, Lens Shift on the middle one, and access to the Color Management System is the bottom right.

Mitsubishi, a fine projector like the HC9000D deserves a better remote. A bit more range and more brightness on the backlight are the only real issues, but they are inconvenient shortcomings. In fairness, as a reviewer, I spend a lot more time with a remote in my hand than a happy, settled owner.

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