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Mitsubishi HD1000U Projector Review - General Performance-4

Posted on October 6, 2006 by Art Feierman

Audible Noise Levels

Tthis is one of those aspects where the HD1000U could be slightly better. In low power mode, it is certainly quiet enough, even those who are the most noise intolerant should not have an issue. Run the HD1000U, though, at full power and it's not going to please those same people. The noise level, claimed to be 31db at full power, is not by any means excessive. Most people will never notice it while watching a movie, unless they are listening for it. The sound is low pitched, and even as you notice it (listening for it), as you settle into your movie, you may notice it in quiet scenes but it shouldn't be intrusive. So, concern is only for those who really hate hearing any fan noise at all, ever!

I would say that it is just slightly quieter than the HD72. On the other hand, The Panasonic PT-AX100U is definitely quieter in both full and low power modes.

Projector Screen Recommendations

If you are looking for the best screen to maximize movie watching, I would automatically recommend high contrast gray surfaces. They will darken the blacks, and help reject a little side ambient light. Since the projector has brightness to spare on all but the largest screens, this is probably the best way for most to go. You could use either a dark gray surface, (like the Stewart Grayhawk, or a lighter gray like their Firehawk, which I use). Virtually all screen manufacturers make such gray surfaces. I think the lighter grays are probably more desireable than the darker ones, unless you have a small screen - less than 100" diagonal.

If movies are only one segment of what's important, and you favor an emphasis on brightness as people watching sports and Discovery HD, you could consider a white surface, with or without gain. Just remember that your black levels will not visibly brighter.

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