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Mitsubishi WD510U Projector - Performance

Posted on October 9, 2009 by Art Feierman

WD510U Projector - Brightness

The WD510U is rated at 2600 lumens.  As most projectors don’t come anywhere near their highest rated output, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the WD510U hit the mark.  In its brightest Color Enhancer mode (User, with Color Temp on High), I recorded 2554 lumens at mid zoom.  At full wide zoom, the lumen output increases to 2721.  In full telephoto zoom, the WD510U put out 2364 lumens.  This is very good performance for a portable projector.  User mode also allows for different gamma settings (other than the default Dynamic setting), which drop the maximum output by about 10%.  Brilliant color has the most pronounced effect on lumen output.

When reduced from its default level of 10 (in User mode) to 5, output drops by 33% (matching the level of the Standard mode) and when set to 0, output drops close to the level of the Cinema mode (about 66% less).  Color temp has a minimal affect on output, with Low essentially the same as Standard and High accounting for a 1-2% increase.  Switching from Standard to Low lamp results in a 27% drop in output, which is quite typical for a projector of this type and should be sufficient for any venue with some ambient light control..

series of images showing in different Modes:

Presentation Mode
Standard Mode

Other modes have varying output levels, probably due to the level of BrilliantColor being implemented with each.  Auto mode comes in at 2017 lumens.  Presentation is very close to User mode at 2465 lumens.  Standard is 1623 lumens and theater mode brings up the rear at 869 lumens.

All considered this is a nice, bright portable, or small install projector. And to think that 7-8 years ago, to get a projector as bright as this one, you were typically spending at least $5000, and buying a projector weighing typically 13 - 20 pounds. You've got to love technological advances!

Audible Noise

The Mitsubishi WD510U has a typical amount of noise for a projector of this type in its Standard (high) brightness mode (35 dB).  While that’s not particularly quiet, it’s not likely to be an issue in the type of venue where you’d likely use the WD510U.

In Low brightness mode, the noise level drops to an excellent 29dB, which is equal to some home theater projectors.  If you have a situation that requires quiet operation and can afford the accompanying drop in lumen output, the WD510U will fit the bill.

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