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Mitsubishi WD510U WXGA DLP Multimedia Projector Review

A detailed review of this Mitsubishi WD510U DLP projector. Images and related commentary, added by Art

September 2009 – Mike Rollett

Mitsubishi WD510U Projector Highlights

  • High Brightness – 2600 lumen rating
  • Color compensation for projecting on different colored walls
  • Very sharp picture, one of the best in its class
  • Excellent handling of non-native resolutions
  • Long lamp life (4000 hrs.) in Low lamp mode
  • Instant shutdown feature
  • Exceptionally good warranty

Mitsubishi WD510U Projector Overview

The Mitsubishi WD510U is a high brightness (2600 lumens), very portable (only 7 lbs.) WXGA (1280 x 800) DLP multimedia projector, that is well suited for the conference room or classroom.  Its widescreen resolution is a good match for most of today’s laptops, allowing spreadsheets to be more fully displayed.  Featuring a six-segment color wheel (Cyan and Yellow added to the usual Red, Green, Blue and White) and an ability to produce a very sharp picture with any input resolution, the WD510U combines decent color performance with excellent text and line graph rendition.

The WD510U can accept inputs from a variety of sources, including DVI-D (with HDCP).  There is a built-in 2W speaker that can be used with presentations in small rooms and closed caption display capability as well.  The implementation of Texas Instruments BrilliantColorTM provides for high brightness and a wide color spectrum.

The WD510U’s light weight and compact shape, as well as an instant off feature, makes it easy to quickly transport the WD510U from one presentation to the next.  There is also a WD510U-G model for Government use that is GSA compliant.