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Posted on October 15, 2013 by Art Feierman

Projector Menus

As unimpressed with the remote as I am, I found the menu system of the HC-3 to be one of the best looking and easiest to navigate. Everything is where it should be, there is lots of user control of the image, and everything is well laid out, easy to understand and use. I have includes some shots, starting with the basic Main Menu, with its four choices. From there you can select the Image menu, by pressing the enter pad on the remote. In the shot of the Image Menu, I have the Color Matrix option highlighted. Pressing Enter takes you to the individual color controls, (very important if you are using a calibration disk).The Feature menu gives you access to menu positioning, setting screen aspect ratio, cinema settings, and more. The other menus are similarly laid out. And logical. If I had one recommendation for improvement in the layout, it would be to move the Cinema settings to the Image Menu, but that's about my only criticism. Well done!

HC3 Main Menu


Hc3 Image Menu


HC3 Menu User Color Control

Color Matrix

HC3 Feature Menu

Menu Position

Light leakage

This is a problem for some projectors, light escaping from the cooling vents. In the worse case scenario there is even some light leak through the lens or a front vent, which might hit the screen. The Mitsubishi HC-3 leaks a little light out of a side vent, but it is very diffuse, and should not be a problem at all.

Lamp Life

2000 to 3000 hours depending on the various modes.

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