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NEC LT170 - Setup

Posted on October 3, 2013 by Art Feierman


In an effort to keep things simple, there is one “main menu” and from there the last option is Advanced Menu, which brings up an additional 5 menus.  Items are well organized, although, on the downside, NEC doesn’t let you move directly from a second tier menu item back to the main list of advanced menus.  Instead you have to scroll up or down through each menu item until you get to the top or bottom, and from there, to the next 2nd tier menu list.  If you are in a hurry, its definitely a bit awkward, but there aren’t that many items total,– so it’s only a few seconds lost.  NEC is nice enough to show you lamp hours used, something not all manufacturers offer

Overall, the Menus are well laid out, and I would say, better than found on the majority of projectors:  Definitely a  PLUS, as that means ease of use.

The NEC is easy to get running.  Plug it in, connect your sources and press the power button.  Drop the feet with the single button on the top front, to get your image height adjusted to your screen.  Select your source and you are up and running.  The remote offers an Auto Adjust button, that works beautifully (as it should), and makes sure you have your entire computer image present, no loss of data on any side.  You will find that the NEC LT170 also offers Auto Keystone correction,

Auto Keystone Correction

Turn it off!!  That’s my recommendation.  It’s not anything NEC has done, generally I recommend turning it off on any projector.  The problem with keystone correction is that it distorts the image.  If you have a spreadsheet up there, even a small amount of keystone correction makes text typically thick, and inconsistent (still very readable but not pretty).  On really large type 36 points or more, however you aren’t likely to detect any problem.  Bottom line, if you image is only going to be  a couple inches wider at the top of the screen than the bottom, live without keystone correction and enjoy a clearer image.

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