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NEC LT170 – Overview


Reviewing the NEC LT170 DLP projector was fun.  NEC has put together an interesting new projector, that definitely isn’t your average featherweight machine.  Although it is “almost” box shaped, it has definitely has some style, and for anyone into the technology, it has a unique look and feel that sets it apart.

The Basics

The NEC LT170 is a 3.9 pound, XGA resolution projector, and as you can see from the picture, it doesn’t look like other projectors,  (it looks more like a commercial laser).  The LT170 is a single chip DLP projector, and exhibits the typical characteristics of its breed.  More on that later. 

Let’s say that the 1500 lumen rated LT170 has plenty of power in conference rooms, etc. on screens up to 6 foot diagonal with lots of light in the room.  But please read the section on Color handling (Performance – Image Quality), as it relates to how powerful this NEC projector really is.

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