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NEC M311X LCD Projector - Warranty

Posted on July 19, 2013 by 

The M311X is covered by NEC’s standard warranty and support policies as follows:  There is a two year parts and service warranty on the projector and a 500-hour or one year (whichever comes first) warranty on the lamp.  The lamp warranty is much better than the usual 90-day warranty seen with many projectors.  NEC also includes one year of their Instacare program which works as follows:  The customer calls a toll-free number and speaks to a technician to see if the problem can be resolved over the phone.  If the technician is unable to resolve the issue, a material return authorization (MRA) number is issued and NEC ships the customer a replacement unit (upon obtaining a credit card for security).  The customer has 21 calendar days from the date of shipment of the replacement unit to return the defective unit to NEC.

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