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NEC M363W Projector Review - Hardware Tour 2

Posted on November 16, 2015 by Art Feierman
NEC M363W Projector Review - Hardware Tour 2:  Projector Setup, Menus

Projector Setup

The NEC M363W was easy to setup and start using.  It features nearly instant on (and off), so you quickly have an image to adjust to your screen.  Automatic keystone adjustment is enabled by default, but you’ll likely want to turn it off so you can optimize the image before applying any correction (if needed).  A welcome new feature on the M363W is that both of the rear feet are adjustable for height (previous models had just one adjustable foot).  Using them in conjunction with the front center adjustable foot allows for more accurate leveling of  the projector when table-mounted.  You still need a table that's at the proper height, but being able to level the projector helps reduce the need for keystone correction.

The 1.7X zoom also helps to properly position the projector.  Once you get the positioning close, you can use the automatic keystone correction (or adjust it manually) to square the image on your screen.  While we usually don’t recommend using any keystone correction due to image distortion, small to moderate amounts of correction have no visible effect on the M363W.

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Once setup is complete, the user brings up the main menu, where the desired image mode can be selected.  There are eight main preprogrammed modes (High-Bright, Presentation, Video, Movie, Graphic, sRGB, Natural and DICOM SIM).  There is also a Wall Color Correction setting that can be set to one of six colors.  With any mode, you can make the usual adjustments for Contrast, Brightness and Sharpness.  Adjustments to Color and Tint are not available with an HDMI or USB input.  The M363W also includes a range of selectable gamma and color temperatures.

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