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NEC NP-UM330W Projector Review - Summary

Posted on February 15, 2014 by Jarrod Buckley


The NEC NP-UM330W projects a bright and very sharp image that is well suited for either the conference room or classroom.   It is an ultra short throw model and can be positioned above or below the screen and just a few inches back from the screen or wall.  This mounting arrangement will work well in many cases, but not in all cases.  In keeping with it business and education classification, the NEC NP-UM330W  can be fully controlled and managed from a PC located on the same local network.  With the addition of the optional electronic white board kit, it provides a very versatile classroom or boardroom presentation tool.



  • very sharp display with good focus over the entire image
  • virtually no color fringing visible on displayed text indicating very good alignment of LCD panels and also good optics with a very low level of  chromatic aberration
  • high readability of text and presentation graphics
  • high light output, possible even in modes with fairly accurate colors
  • multiple NEC projectors can be controlled and managed from a central PC using the supplied software
  • ultra short throw provides convenient mounting, in many classroom or conference room layouts
  • DICOM Simulation mode allows this model to be useful for medical education purposes
  • out-of-the-box picture modes available with reasonably accurate colors as well as very bright modes for use in rooms without good light control
  • built-in 16 watt speaker and microphone input provide adequate audio capabilities for use in a moderate size class room or conference room


  • No optical zoom so placement is a little more difficult
  • no lens cover, either manual or automatic
  • supplied documentation sometimes lacking in detail for what or how a given function or feature is intend to work
  • remote can be difficult to operate in a dark room, since it has no backlight
  • dust filter that must be maintained

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