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NEC NP-VE281X DLP Projector - Image Quality

Posted on July 22, 2013 by Eric Pfoutz

NEC VE281X Color & Image Quality

I have talked a lot about the superior image quality that the NEC VE281X produces, but now we explore color. DLP's as you may know from reading other reviews on this site tend to have a little more difficult time handling color. Especially colors like yellow and red. This is generally a primary color issue when projecting content in a PowerPoint slide. The processes that handle video from your DVD player seem to not have the same issue when it comes to showing those same primary colors. The problem I am referring to is the fact that yellows can be a bit muddy looking and reds can tend to be more on the orange side. The NEC VE281X doesn't exactly escape these issues, but it did a far better job than most DLP projectors. You will find the problem can be corrected to some degree by using brighter settings and or, just playing with the different color modes until you find the look you are going for. I should note however, that these color issues are minor and for the most part should not deter you from considering the NEC VE281X.

Below are photographs showing the projector performing in the various color modes. Keep in mind this is a digital cameras rendering of the image on the screen. It is meant as only a rough way to see what the different modes look like.

Presentation Mode
Graphic Mode
High Bright mode
Movie Mode
sRGB mode
Video Mode

The aspect of the image quality would be the projectors sharpness. I believe this is where the NEC VE281X really shines. Running higher resolutions than the projectors native 1024x768 looked as though no compression of the image was taking place. It is quite easy for me to say that running the projector in two resolution classes higher, for instance 1400x1050 on a full time basis would not be an issue and the image quality good enough for long hours of viewing. Overall, you can't go wrong with the VE281X in terms of sharpness and clarity.


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