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NEC U310W Interactive Projector - IPad Connectivity

Posted on March 3, 2012 by Art Feierman

NEC U310W Interactivity

The NEC U310W isn’t just your typical projector, it is also interactive. With additional purchase of an interactive pen from NEC you open up all kinds of new features. I should note that the interactive pen could be used with multiple projectors not just this projector itself. However, you would lose some key functionality like using the pen to access the menu system of the projector. That feature is specific to this model. Designed for teachers and educators of all types, the interactive pen allows you to control your projector via your IPad, and it allows you to more importantly control your laptop via your IPad. However, that is not all. The pen and IPad application have all kinds of annotation features and drawing tools which is what truly makes this tool a great educational tool. First I will discuss setting up the interactivity then I will walk through some of the features.

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The first step in setting up the interactivity is to install software on your laptop. This software is found on a USB thumb drive that comes with your pen. Assuming your wireless network is set up properly, the whole process of going from start to finish takes about 10 minutes. Once you have installed the software you then must go to the Apple App Store and download a free program called Doceri. Once you have installed the free application you can then plug your pen into the mic port of your IPad. The next step is to start the software on your laptop or desktop computer that is connected to your wireless network. Once the software is running you can move over to your IPad and start the Doceri app. It will look for your computer running the interactive software. You will know you are connected when you can see your whole desktop on the IPad screen, as well as a menu bar full of functionality above the view of your desktop. Now that were theoretically setup and connected, Let's look at some of the interactive features.


Software running on the Laptop

View from the IPad. Doceri software shows up in the green and black bar.

Tap the projector icon to access the projectors remote control.

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