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Optoma HD81 Home Theater Projector Review - Image Quality-6

Posted on October 16, 2013 by Art Feierman

To put your mind at rest, regarding sharpness, compared to the much less expensive PT-AE1000U, consider these two:

HD81 Gandalf4Large
PT-AE1000U gandalf2Large

Our last sharpness image is from The Italian Job, on HD-DVD. You'll find the same image on other reviews. Look to the sign next to the lamppost, and the details in the columns... The enlarged image (click) is cropped for more detail.

Below are a few more photos to give you a sampling of the overall color handling, dynamics, and image quality of the Optoma HD81 home theater projector.

Overall, the HD81 produces a great image. Colors are vibrant, and unlike the LCD 1080p projector competition, the Optoma HD81 has more muscle, in terms of lumens, and can handle a larger screen or a bit more ambient light.

Too many images! You are probably overloaded by now, so let's jump to General Performance, and consider the other aspects of the HD81, such as its remote, menus, brightness, screen recommendations, and much more.

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