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Millennials and Projectors: Optoma ML750 LED Projector Review: Part 2

Posted on May 15, 2016 by Art Feierman

The Optoma ML750 reviewed here, is an extremely small and portable LED projector.

Is the ML750 ideal for today's cord cutting professional millennials living in the big City?

This is part two of my 'life experience' review of the Optoma ML750 LED Projector.  It differs from our typical review in that I'll rely heavily on personal anecdotes focused around my millennial, cord cutting lifestyle to talk about how this pico projector is great for millennials and others who are mobile and looking for a simpler alternative to your usual home theater or TV setup.

In this installation, we'll focus on how I used the ML750 for sports viewing, professional/business applications, and education.

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