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Optoma CinemaX D2 Smart 4K DLP Ultra-Short Throw Projector Review

Posted on January 5, 2023 by Philip Boyle
Optoma's newest addition to the CinemaX line of ultra-short throw projectors

The Optoma CinemaX D2 Smart is a laser DLP powered, ultra-short throw (UST) 4K projector that retails for $2,699.

Optoma has been in the projection industry since 2004 and today is a leading large-display brand and, specifically, the world's number one 4K UHD projector brand worldwide.

In late September of this year, I wrote a news article about Optoma's two new CinemaX D2 ultra-short throw projectors, the CinemaX D2 and CinemaX D2 Smart. These two new models are a direct follow-up to last year's award-winning ultra-short-throw projector, the CinemaX P2.

Optoma CinemaX D2 Smart Specs
Price $2,699 MSRP
Technology DLP w/ XPR (0.47” Single-Chip DMD)
Native Resolution 1920x1080x4
Brightness (Manufacturer Claim) 3000
Contrast 1,800,000:1
Zoom Lens Ratio Fixed
Lens Shift Yes
Lamp Life 20,000 hours (Normal) 30,000 (ECO)
Weight 18.52 lbs.
Warranty 2 Years parts and labor, 5 Years or 12,000 hours on the light source

I liked the previous version, the CinemaX P2, and looked forward to getting my hands on one of the new D2 series models. As I noted in my news article, these two projectors are nearly identical. The primary difference between the two models is the inclusion of an external smart media device on the D2 Smart. From a picture and sound point of view, these two projectors are identical.

The model I'm evaluating for this review is the CinemaX D2 Smart. The D2 sells for $2,499 MSRP, and the D2 Smart sells for $2,699 MSRP, which is a significant price reduction compared to the CinemaX P2's $3,299 MSRP. This lower price makes this projector very competitive if the performance compares to other UST projectors in its class.

Bright enough to replace your flat-panel TV

The CinemaX D2 Smart is a 4K DLP projector that uses a single laser plus phosphor light source with a six-segment (RGBRGB) color wheel that appears similar, if not the same, as the previous model. Optoma rates the max brightness of the D2's laser as 3,000 lumens which is identical to last year's P2 model. The projector is rated to reproduce the entire Rec.709 color gamut. The laser light source is rated to last a competitive 20,000 hours in normal mode and 30,000 hours in ECO mode, typical for a projector of its class.

Optoma shows the CinemaX D2 contrast as being 1,800,000:1, slightly lower than last year's model.

Texas Instruments XPR technology allows the D2 to display 4x the number of pixels of the native 1080P (8.3 million) DLP imager. Optoma calls this True 4K.

Get the full Android TV experience with apps, games, music, and movies, including Netflix!

Unlike older CinemaX models like the P1 and P2, the D2 uses an external Android TV media device. Like a Chromecast with Google TV, Optoma has provided D2 owners with a full-featured Android experience via an external HDMI device. I would have preferred that Optoma provide a fully integrated Android TV solution like many other brands of projectors are starting to do and left users with three HDMI inputs rather than two. Maybe they will get to it in the next generation.

The CinemaX D2 comes with Optoma's InfoWall and Wall Color Adjustment modes and their Great Masters' collection functionality like previous CinemaX models. InfoWall is like a lock screen on your Android phone where you can display custom wallpapers and information such as time, date, weather, news, and information. The Great Masters app displays a variety of artwork on your wall. 

It can sit just inches from the screen and be mounted on the ceiling if needed.

The CinemaX D2 can project images from 85 inches sitting just under six inches from the screen and up to 120 inches putting the D2 about 13.5 inches from the screen. Optoma historically sticks with chassis designs and core technologies from model year to model year, which can result in cost savings on subsequent models. I would say that this strategy is working for everything they are giving you in this projector.

The Optoma CinemaX D2 supports the same level of HDR that the previous model, the P2, supports (HDR10 and HLG). The projector auto-detects an HDR signal and switches the projector into HDR mode. While there is only one preset picture mode for HDR, the projector allows the user to adjust the Dynamic Range by switching between one of four preset modes.

The CinemaX D2 does not support Dolby Vision which is unfortunate as more manufacturers and streaming platforms support this technology, including HBO Max, Disney Plus, and Netflix, to name a few. 

With an input lag of 4 ms (at 1080p), CinemaX gaming has never been faster!

The new GAMING mode on the D2 is a significant improvement over previous CinemaX projectors. Optoma has brought the gaming performance of many of its standard throw home cinema and gaming projectors to this ultra-short throw projector. This D2 version of the CinemaX series supports up to 4K gaming at 60 Hz and 1080p gaming at up to 240 Hz.

Optoma has also massively improved the CinemaX D2's input lag for gaming down to a 16ms response time when gaming in 4K at 60Hz and 4ms when gaming in 1080p up to 240Hz.

The built-in sound system included with this projector is similar to the CinemaX P2. Still, the system's amplifier power is reduced to 10 watts x 2 from the previous model's 20 watts x 2. I will be looking at this very closely to see what, if any, impact this power reduction has on this projector's sound quality.

CinemaX P1CinemaX P2CinemaX D2CinemaX D2 Smart
$6,649 MSRP$3,299 MSRP2,499 MSRP2,699 MSRP
Android App CompatibleAndroid App CompatibleNAAndroid TV 11 (External)
3,000 Lumens3,000 Lumens3,000 Lumens3,000 Lumens
20 watts x2 NuForce20 watts x2 NuForce10 watts x210 watts x2


  • Price: $2,699.00 MSRP is $700 less than the CinemaX P1
  • Optoma's True 4K system
  • Laser light source lasts 20,000 hours (Normal) or 30,000 hours (Eco mode)
  • Can reproduce 120% of the Rec.709 gamut
  • Dedicated audio out allows connection to an optional subwoofer
  • Optoma has added an RS232 port not found on last year's model
  • BrilliantColor technology for more accurate colors
  • HDR10 compatibility
  • Dedicated Gaming mode 4K 60 Hz and 1080p up to 240 Hz
  • Projects up to 120 inches
  • Easy setup with SmartFIT image alignment system
  • 3,000 ANSI lumens rated brightness
  • 1,800,000:1 Dynamic contrast
  • 2 Years parts and labor, 5 Years or 12,000 hours on the light source (whichever comes first)
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