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Optoma CinemaX P2 Laser TV Review – Summary: The Competition, Highlights, Pros, Cons


In 2021 Laser TVs are not a new thing. They’ve evolved as a category offering higher resolutions and overall improved performance along with less expensive price points. The value proposition is pretty much the same today as it was two years ago. You can quickly set up your projector and not worry about mounting it in awkward locations or having people crossing into the projection beam when you are watching it. Laser TVs have become real alternatives to mounting an LCD TV on the wall both in price per inch and performance.

The P2 is smart and is a TV. No, it does not have a TV tuner, but between streaming and optional satellite cable, it is a TV!

At $3,299, the Optoma P2 is one of the more expensive 4K projectors both within and outside of its brand. Add the ultra-short-throw benefits into the equation, and it still represents a reasonable price for a projector of its performance and features.

The projector has a minimalist profile that I think is very attractive. The P2’s four speakers include two small woofers producing audio unlike any other UST projectors reviewed, except for the Optoma P1. The P2 can run its internal speakers as a soundbar and pass bass to a separate subwoofer at the same time via an analog connection.

Optoma’s two-year parts and labor warranty covers everything except the laser light engine which is covered for five years or 12,000 hours, whichever comes first. Overall, that’s an excellent warranty for laser projectors in this price range.

You can send your audio from your mobile devices to the CinemaX P2 in Audio-only mode. For those without separate audio systems, using the P2 as a quality Bluetooth boombox is a great feature that is a better option than listening to the same music on your mobile device speakers.


Competition for the Optoma P2 comes from other 4K Capable “Laser TVs” including the VAVA, HiSense, Epson, LG, and now Samsung Laser Television. There are even products from players like Fengmi, Xiaomi, and Monoprice getting into the LaserTV category.

My, Oh my, how things have changed since we reviewed the P1 version of this projector!


The VAVA is an affordable 4K UHD ultra-short-throw projector comes with a built-in media player. It has a hefty, built-in Harmon Kardon sound system (60 watts) and a good picture, but it is a little rough around the edges. That’s fair, as this is VAVA’s first home theater/home entertainment projector. It claims 2,500 lumens. This is a projector that will please a great many people. The picture it puts up can look great.


The LSP7T offers a 4.2 channel speaker system (two woofers and two tweeters) and the same Acoustic Beam virtual surround sound technology offered on some Samsung soundbars. When space is a consideration, this all-in-one sound solution will make it easier to achieve a sleek, modern, clutter-free look.

The 120-inch display LSP7T ($3,499.99 SRP) is based on a TI DLP chip and a single-laser projection system. Per Samsung, it displays 83% of the DCI‑P3 gamut.


The Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS500 is an ultra-short-throw laser projector using an advanced, ultra-short-throw laser-array projector designed to produce vivid colors and deep blacks for a bright, colorful and sharp picture in virtually any viewing environment.

The laser television is great for watching live sports, streaming your favorite series, gaming on the latest generation of consoles, or watching a blockbuster movie.

The Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS500 ultra-short-throw laser projector at ($2,999 SRP) represents an ultra-short-throw digital projector that provides a 4K PRO-UHD® 3LCD technology entertainment experience by offering a quality image up to 130”.


The LG HU85LS utilizes a three-channel laser system and a larger DLP chip. It is one of the higher-priced ultra-short-throw models. The HU85LS price is competitive with other premium Laser TVs, which utilize a multi-channel laser light source like the Samsung LSP7T. The HU85LS is brighter and retails for $500 less, but it does not include an ALR screen. While several suitable consumer-focused UST projectors are available for less, the HU85LS is one of the performance leaders in the category.

The competitive market may have gotten more crowded, but the P2 is still a good value Laser TV. It is user-friendly, a solid home theater product, and when paired with a proper, fixed screen or possibly a motorized screen with solid ALR and or CLR rejecting material, looks great.

Overall, I like it and enjoyed watching a wide range of content on it. Candidly, I’ve told my editor that he will have a hard time getting it back from me.


Optoma CinemaX P2 Projector Reviews Highly Recommended Award July 2021

“What kind of picture does this projector produce?” is the first question that I ask myself as I prepare to start the process of a new projector review. The CinemaX P2 looks great. Optoma has once again built a projector that provides stunning picture quality with a visible difference at 2,000,000:1 contrast, well-distributed 3000 ANSI Lumens of brightness, and excellent color that provides 120% Rec 709 color gamut. Add to this the P2’s other features like big sound and smart capabilities:

Big sound

  • 19-watt x 2 sound system
  • Bluetooth speaker functionality
  • Dolby Digital 2.0 processing

Smart capabilities built-in

  • Android OS with full access to the Android TV app store
  • IFTTT control compatibility
  • Optoma Smart+ makes the P2 an information hub, a smart gallery, and a personal assistant

These features alone and the benefits they provide make it an easy decision to award the Optoma CinemaX P2 ultra-short-throw home theater projector a Projector Reviews Highly Recommended Award. Optoma has built a projector worthy of your living room.

Congratulations Optoma!


● Technology: Single-Chip DLP (0.47″ DMD)
● XPR Technology
● Light Source: Lamp
● Display Resolution: 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
● Native Resolution: 1080x1920x4
● Brightness (Manufacturer Claim): 3,000 lumens
● Light Source Lifespan: up to 20,000hrs (Normal), 30,000hrs (Eco)
● Contrast: 2,000,000.1
● HDR10 /HLG Compatible
● 19 Watts x 2 Dolby Digital 2.0 sound system
● 2-year parts and labor: projector; 5-year or 12,000-hours light source
● Three HDMI 2.0 input (up to [Editors Addendum] Gbps)


● No backlight on the remote
● Limited to 120″ diagonal as the largest size
● Slow Power Up
● Android OS implementation