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Optoma EH330UST Business/Education Projector Review – Hardware

Optoma EH330UST Projector Review – Hardware: Overview, Inputs and Connectors, The Lens


The Optoma EH330UST is an ultra short throw projector for business and education applications, measuring 13.5 inches wide, 14.3 inches deep, and 4.8 inches tall. When FedEx dropped it off, I noticed that, even in the box, it’s a lightweight projector – it weighs only 8.7 pounds, making it quite portable. It can be mounted on a table top, or be mounted to the wall or ceiling, with front or rear projector. I expect most installations will use the front option.

As an ultra short throw, the projector’s lens is located at the back of the projector and angled upwards. There’s no zoom, of course, so you’ll want to install the projector wherever it needs to be in order to project the desired image size. Behind the lens, on the back of the projector, you’ll find an IR sensor for the remote control. On the top of the projector, near the front, lives a simple control panel. The door to access the lamp is also located on the top of the EH330UST.

The cool air intake and hot air exhaust vents are on either side of the projector. The inputs and connectors panel is on the front, and has a healthy amount, too – everything you’ll need for your business or education applications. We’ll go into more detail on what’s back there in the following section.

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Inputs and Connectors

Optoma EH330UST Inputs and Connectors

The EH330UST has good connectivity. Since we review our projectors using a table top setup, I’ll be discussing the inputs and connectors panel from that angle. The projector has two HDMI inputs, one for MHL (use that input for the HDCast Pro wireless module). Two USB ports live underneath the HDMIs.

There are some old-school connectors as well. A composite video port, a VGA In and Monitor Out input, and the obligatory RS-232C connector for old-school command and control. The projector also has the regular wired RJ-45 LAN connector and two audio jacks – one for Audio In and one for Audio Out.

The Lens


As mentioned, the EH330UST has an ultra short throw lens. There are no optical zoom capabilities, so it is important to install the projector at the distance that will produce your desired image size. Optoma suggests and image size of 80” to 100”, with a distance of 5.5” to 10”. If you project at a larger size, say, 110”, you’ll get some slight defocusing in areas of the image.

Next up is our second page of the Hardware Tour, where we’ll talk about the control panel, remote control, and menus of the Optoma EH330UST projector. After that, we’ll move onto the good stuff – picture quality and performance! See you on the next page!