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Optoma H27: Summary, Pros, Cons

Posted on October 16, 2013 by Art Feierman

I really like the richness of the image this (and other) Optoma DLP home theater projectors produce. Images seem to have depth and colors you just don't notice on other good projectors seem to catch your eye with the H27 projector.

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The H27 out of the box could have improved color balance, but as mentioned, it is pretty easy to correct by anyone in a short period of time with a basic level calibration disk (or if you have a really good eye for color). Now this is not to say that you can't do better still bringing in a professional calibrator (figure $300-$500), but I seriously doubt many people buying a projector that sells for under $1000, will spend for a calibration professional. (Few spending under $5000 for a projector will have it professionally calibrated.)

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What really impresses about the Optoma H27 projector is that in many ways it puts out an image that is comparable with not just $2500, but also $4000 and $5000 selling price projectors. It can't match their resolution, being an 854x480 (WVGA) projector not a 1280x720 (WXGA) projector, but for the rest - image quality, its right up there. The downside is that pixels are larger and more visible than higher resolution projectors, but from normal seating differences the pixels should not be visible. (This projector has the same resolution as the DVD's you currently buy, but has less than half the pixel count of those WXGA projectors.

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Click to enlarge. SO close Here's a rundown on the H27 projector: Pro'sRich colors with great depth

  • Overall excellent image quality
  • "AI" circuitry results in impressive high contrast ratio, very good "blacks" and shadow detail (best I've seen in this price range)
  • Well laid out, understandable menus
  • Better than average remote control
  • Good lamp life - for low cost of operation
  • Fast (4x) color filter wheel
  • More inputs than most, including two component video inputs
  • DVI interface for digital, with HDCP support
  • Optional wide angle lens adapter if you need the projector closer to the screen
  • Multiple image modes, excellent set of controls for adjusting image
  • Physically small, unobtrusive (and white) projector
  • Very quiet
  • User Manual (good - but not exceptional)

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  • Out of the box color needs some adjustment - a simple calibration
  • Zoom lens has 1.2:1 ratio zoom lens (20% adjustment) which doesn't provide much placement flexibility. To be fair, 20% is pretty typical in the price range.
  • Minor light leakage out the front vents, although it doesn't hit the screen
  • With some projector mounts you may have to unmount the projector to change the lamp.

Typical Capabilities

  • Warranty (2 years)
  • Control panel

Optoma continues to produce one excellent home theater projector after another. In the H27 home theater projector, Optoma has improved upon what may have already been the best low cost DLP projector (H31) out there. With a selling price of $1000, this one is definitely going to be tough to beat. I'm recommending this one to my own friends on a budget!

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