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Optoma H27 - General Performance

Posted on October 16, 2013 by Art Feierman

The lamp is rated 2000 hours in Brite mode, and 3000 in Standard mode. Standard mode provides sufficient brightness for screens up to 100" diagonal under typical theater lighting (or slightly larger screens with higher gain screens). This translates into an extremely low cost of operation if you use standard mode, but even in Brite mode its operational cost is still lower than most competitors.

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Remote Control

The Optoma H27 remote control is fully backlit, has a logical layout, and provides single button access to the most popular menu items, such as brightness, contrast, aspect ratio, and source selection.

You can also access the image shift, to move the image up and down (covered elsewhere).

The arrow keys, enter and menu button are near the top of the remote, (along with Power, Hide, and "re-sync" which is an auto setup).

You can also freeze any image, with (of course) the Freeze button. Keystone correction buttons are also there, but - picture quality is better if you don't mess with keystone correction. That advice is true for any home theater projector, since keystone correction definitely (if only slightly) degrades the image quality.

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A good remote means that you don't have to do much navigating of menus - as the most popular things you want to access, are accessible from a single button. That said, there are often things you want to change with a home theater projector, such as the settings between "movie" modes and those designed more for normal TV or sports viewing, or you might want to readjust for different room lighting...

There is no "main menu" on the Optoma H27. Pressing Menu on the remote or the projector brings up the menu above. The "main menu" is on the left, (where it stays regardless of which of the major menus (Image 1, Image 2, Management and System) you are looking at. This is great! It basically saves you one extra layer to navigate through, for, by simply using the down arrow key, you can see ALL the major menu items from the four major menus. If you are looking for something, this will really save time.

Optoma H27 DLP Projector Menu Main

Optoma H27 DLP Projector ImageII menu

Optoma H27 DLP Projector Color Control SubMenu

Optoma H27 DLP Projector Menu Mangement

Optoma H27 DLP Projector Menu System

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