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Optoma HD7100 – Warranty

It doesn’t get much better than this. Optoma is offering a 3 year parts and labor warranty on the HD7100. This is a year more than the model it replaces; the older H78DC3 projector.

In addition Optoma offers its Zero Defect Pixel policy on the projector, essentially covering any pixel defects that may occur in the DLP chip or circuitry. Now traditionally pixel defects are an LCD problem not a DLP one, so we might just consider this a good marketing ploy,which points out, that DLP projectors are more reliable in this areas than LCD projectors. With LCD projectors, having a several pixels that are stuck “on” isn’t covered by most lcd projector manufacturers’ warranties.

That said, Optoma’s offering up sort of double insurance. The DLP projector is extremely unlikely to ever show such a problem, but it’s covered if one appears. I guess that’s good marketing and good warranty.

The only thing missing is an overnight replacement or loaner program, but those are becoming very rare. Nice to have, if available.