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Optoma HD7100 Projector - General Performance - 5

Posted on May 3, 2006 by Art Feierman


I haven't sized the images I took yet, for adding to this review, but here's what I found, in a nutshell:

A very quick calibration ended up with a Brightness of -1, Contrast of +2

I used ISF Night (which seems to be - out of the box - the same as Normal, except for setting the temperature to 6500K. Gamma was set to 2.2.

My intial measurements based on the above

30 IRE 6676K
50 IRE 6545K
80 IRE 6510K
100 IRE 6505K

Now, that's about as good as anyone can hope for out of the box! Quite honestly, I felt no compelling need to break out my test gear after first powering up the HD7100 and watching segments from several DVDs. It was obviously producing excellent color, untouched. Of course, there will be variation from projector to projector, mostly due to variations in the lamp. Also, a lamp's color balance will change slightly as you put hundreds of hours on it.

There was a very, very slight greenish cast to the image, I didn't manage to precisely work it all out (it was getting very late), but a quick adjustment of the White Balance table setting RGB adjusting Green Gain to -1, and Green Offset for -3 did most of the trick. Further refinement should have nailed it completely.

When I post the images you will see the R, G, and B components, which initially have R and B both in the mid 90% range and Green over 100% to offset it. With the -1 and -3, I quickly eliminated about 2/3 of the miss.

Even the slight green shift without adjustment really isn't noticeable when normally watching content. You have to be really looking for it, and have just the right content to notice.

Image Noise

It never was an issue. Get close enough to the screen and you can see the traditional noise in large black and near black areas, but from my standpoint, it is not an issue from normal seating distances. There are always some that are very concerned about image noise, but even most of them should be happy with the HD7100.

Look for additions to this page over the next week or so, including the calibration images, and hopefully comments on how the HD7100 works with the new Toshiba HD-DVD deck. I'm still trying to locate one - everyone sold out in the first day or two, so I've got feelers out everywhere. If you know who's got one for sale (the HD-A1, not the XA-1 - I'm not that rich), drop me an email. thanks -art

Time for the Summary and conclusions!

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