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Optoma TW610Sti - Image Quality

Posted on July 19, 2013 by 

Optoma TW610Sti Picture Quality

Picture quality for the Optoma TW610Sti turned out to be some of the sharpest I have seen this year in terms of educational projectors. It really performed quite well when it came to displaying higher resolutions than its native WXGA(1280x800). Text was very readable in its native resolution. If you had to spend a lot time viewing a projector then sharpness is absolutely a neccssity to pay attention to. Nothing fatigues the eyes more than a soft, somewhat fuzzy image. Please keep in mind that I was running a HDMI cable for my evaluation. This does produce a slightly better image than if I was to run a VGA cable through the projector. Always recommend trying to use the most optimal cable if it is affordable. My brief look at the projector with a standard VGA cable was also very acceptable.

Below are some photo examples of the projector performing in different resolutions. As the resolution gets higher the projector uses compression to reproduce the image. This does degrade the image a bit. A well performing projector can produce acceptable image in these conditions and the Optoma TW610Sti performed very well.

Optoma TW610Sti Picture Quality


Optoma TW610Sti Projector: Color

Color unfortunately is where DLP projectors fall short. At least for the most part. DLP projectors produce great images and although it might sound like I am condemning a projector for having colors that are a little off, one must look at the big picture when purchasing a projector for education and business use. I say this because the variation in color accuracy is sometimes only noticeable, or a problem depending on the application. And, often times you can make slight adjustments to the image through the menu to get more accurate color.

So, how does the TW610Sti perform? Well, it has the same issues as most DLP projectors in that it had a hard time reproducing accurate yellows and reds. Often turning them into a muddy color when it comes to yello and reds tend to shift towards orange. This is however only trying to project images from a PC. This does not seem to be a problem when you project primary colors through a video signal like component or HDMI. This is assuming your source material is coming from a DVD player or Blu-ray. So overall the performance, in terms of color accuracy is that of most DLP projectors.

Optoma TW610Sti Projector: Color

Blackboard Mode
Bright Mode
Classroom Mode
Movie Mode
Presentation Mode

Optoma TW610Sti Projector: Video Performance

This is where the Optoma TW610Sti really shined. No pun intended. For the testing I used a High-Speed HDMI cable from a PS3. The image was crisp, vibrant and the contrast ratio gave me some pretty nice black levels. Nothing that would compete with expensive home theaters on the market, but I certainly wouldn't mind recommending this projector to a person looking for a home theater projector. The only thing keeping me from totally recommending this projector for home theater is that the short throw aspect of it isn't very desirable since a projector will be sitting a few feet away from your screen. If you get a little creative it just might be the perfect solution.

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